Favorite Posts From This Year (2019)

In closing out the last month of the year on my blog, I think it will be nice to have some reflection posts on my blog. Looking back, I’ve realized how the Lord has helped me grow this year alone, and I am making a separate post on things that God has helped me change my perspective on.

I didn’t share all posts that I enjoyed, like when I covered the 3 Days of Darkness in depth or some other in depth studies, but those often are special to me. It gives me the opportunity to dig into God’s word and He reveals a lot. I’m grateful the Holy Spirit continues to help me grow and direct my eyes to Him.

That being said, I hope the ones I’ve selected either spoke to you in the past or maybe the Lord will use one to speak to you now as He uses my posts to also speak to me.

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Is Worship With Others An Idol- This post was a continuation of my Is It An Idol series I began last Christmas in 2018, but I was wanting to branch out of Christmas topics. This was a post very important to me because a lot of people struggle with their walk with Jesus on their own. People feel more “secure” with Jesus in church, when they are surrounded by others. I wanted to encourage people to strengthen their worship with Jesus outside of church and emotion manipulated by others/feelings.

I Complicated My Prayer Life– This was a more honest post, just sharing how I was making my prayer life somewhat legalistic. I felt I had to do certain things in praying or it wasn’t “good enough.” Revisiting this post is a nice reminder.

I’m Guilty Of I Know That Already–  Man, this post was SO TRUE! Reading this several months later, I cringed. I talked about how I felt I knew a lot about “salvation” … shakes head, God continued to teach me more about salvation this year, especially recently. I will talk about this in a separate post. It just goes to show we need to stop thinking we “know enough” because God can always add more and strengthen our understanding, or completely shatter lies.

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How To Worship Without Music- I really learned a lot about worship and how it is so much deeper than just songs. On my blog, I try not to just tell my readers “what to do” as a Christian, but I want to show others how we can do things.

One Stone, Many Ripples (Poem) – This poem actually inspired a fellow Christian friend, Hayley, to turn my poem into a song. I didn’t realize the full impact of the words until I heard her sing it. It was very powerful, and the meaning of the poem has never left me since. God will use us in many ways, and we do not always know how He will use us, we don’t always need to know that. Listen to Hayley’s version of my poem here.

Was Christ Always Perfect?– Ever since 2018 when I started my posts during Christmas, I knew in 2019 I wanted to have some posts around “Easter” topics. This post was VERY in depth and I learned a lot about what Jesus showed us on a human level relating to temptation, pain, prayer, etc. He didn’t rely on His Godliness, He relied on God. He was perfect…but on the cross He was perfected.

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Living Hell- This poem choked me up the first time I read it out loud after writing it. It was very powerful to me and still is.

Do I Have My Disability/Disease/Illness Because My Faith Is Too Little? – I remember I was able to visit my hometown and my home church during this time. I had the opportunity to ask my pastor specifics to make sure I covered in this post. I greatly benefited from the study in looking at the topic, and I know others were encouraged by it, too.

My Sinful Dirty Towel– God showed me so much through washing this towel and how it relates to sin. It definitely left an impact on me, and I’m glad it left an impact on others.

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Are You Really A Christian Blogger?- A post that I thought would receive hate, lost followers, and who knows what else turned into such a blessing. God truly was in the midst, and He used this post to keep pushing me to push others to His truth.

Three Gifts Of The Wise Men & Significance To Christ’s Crucifixion– This post I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years, and I was really glad to finally go over the gifts Christ received and how each gift symbolized His death, atonement for us.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, calling, and ministry. I don’t know what the Lord has in store next year, but I know it will be for His glory!

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What is one post of yours that you greatly enjoyed this year? How did God use it to speak to you?

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