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What Are You Exposing Your Eyes To & Planning In Your Heart?

Let me just say, there is NO “personal” conviction needed for what is discussed in today’s post. If you struggle with these things and are exposing yourself to these things, it is sin! Period. No conviction needed. Seek Jesus and His Spirit FOR CONVICTION if you think you can expose yourself to media with sexual jokes, nudity, etc. and think it’s all okay!

If you harbor bitterness and anger towards others you are in danger!

Jesus fulfills the Law, this is where we left off last time. Continuing with the sermon on the mount we are going to be looking at a lot of “heart” issues today. What we struggle with the most within our temple courts.

Today’s Reading: Matthew 5:21-30

Murder Begins In The Heart

Jesus quotes from the Old Testament that murdering someone puts them in danger of judgment, but Jesus takes this a step further. “whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment (murder).” (Matt. 5:22) Christ even adds calling someone a fool is a worthy enough of hellfire. It’s wise to make peace with enemies.

I want to point out how profound this teaching is as the Pharisees and scribes ALREADY were planning Christ’s murder. The fact that that it took them years to get what they wanted. They harbored that sin in their hearts with anticipation of the murder. They are a perfect example of why we need to guard our hearts and minds. So that we are not tempted and do not linger on sinful thoughts.

The next heart issue also shows the problem.

Adultery In The Heart

Jesus again quotes from the Old Testament that committing adultery is a sin, but He takes it further that should anyone look and lust after another has ALREADY committed adultery in his or her heart.

With the world we live in today, with our media, THIS IS WHY ON MY BLOG I SAY WE DO NOT NEED CONVICTION TO SIN WHEN IT IS OBVIOUS! Do not expose yourself to sexual jokes or media! Do not give yourself the opportunity to lust and gaze at another! IT IS SIN! IT WILL BRING US DOWN TO THE DEPTHS OF HELL! 

As Jesus says we are to cut these things out, being what we see or what we touch (lust of senses), “It is more profitable for you that one of your members perish than for your whole body to be cast into hell.” (Matt. 5:29)

What To Take Away: There is a reason why Jesus says right after this that if our eye casts us to sin to pluck it out. Or if our hand casts us to sin to cut it off. He isn’t speaking of actual body parts. If you are familiar with scripture, you might notice how often He speaks of the physical body in a very spiritual sense. We partake of His body as it is the bread of life. Not actual bread, but in following Jesus, and taking up our cross He becomes part of us.

When we sin our sin becomes a part of us. Jesus is saying if there is something in our lives causing us to sin, or I dare say even tempts us, we need to cast it out. We need to stop exposing ourselves to it. Regarding bitterness, jealousy, envy, anger, and the like we need to seek the Lord for forgiving us, showing us mercy, and helping us forgive and love others.

We will be forgiven as we forgive others, do not forget that.

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How does media cause temptations?

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9 thoughts on “What Are You Exposing Your Eyes To & Planning In Your Heart?

  1. Thank you, T.R., for speaking the truth in love. Yes, there is no middle ground on these issues. Honestly, there is not much that can be watched on TV that is pure. Even commercials are filled with sensuality and perversions of what God calls holy. Even family oriented TV shows are in conflict with God’s morals and his purity. Movies are, too. Even the most innocent of movies gives glory to sin in some way or another, and cartoons, too. So much subtle (or not so subtle) sexual inuendos. So many hidden messages that are against God and his Word in movies and on TV shows. Secular music has it, too, and the ads on YouTube, even if you are viewing a Christian video. Even “Christian” movies (films), in order to be “realistic” will show things that can stir people’s emotions or lusts in the wrong direction.

    And, God means business about us being separate from the world – from the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. But, these things I mentioned are tame compared to what a lot of Christians, young and old, are engaging themselves in these days. There is so much perversion of sex so readily viewable in the privacy of a corner in a crowded room via the Smart Phone that so many people today of pretty much all ages are regularly viewing or are addicted to pornography, and many of them are going beyond that, for one “high” leads to another to another.

    So, we can’t play with this. One little compromise leads to another which leads to another and soon we become desensitized to what should shock us and to what should bring us to tears in grief over what is being viewed by Christian adults and children these days. And, I am not some old foggie, either, for I dabbled in many of these things when I totally knew better. Anyone can get trapped, even the most godly, if they make one compromise and then another and soon you are hooked.

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