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The 7 Things God Hates

Adultery against Christ happens. We turn to other idols, false teachers, and false prophets. We turn to self. Last time in Proverbs, we dug into scripture about how we are to keep our Father’s wisdom and instruction. Not to stray to an immoral woman (false teacher or sinner). Today in Proverbs we will continue some of those same warnings and more.

Today’s Reading: Proverbs Ch. 6

Danger Of Being Responsible For Someone 

Verses 01-05 warn against becoming a surety for someone. A surety means to take responsibility for someone.  This means being a sponsor for someone who is accused, looking over them, or even paying their debt. Scripture warns that our mouth makes us accountable, what we say we will do can be a snare to us. It is important to get out of this situation when possible, verse 4 says to not even sleep over it.

Folly Of Laziness

Verses 06-11 point us to the ant. The ant does not have a ruler over her, yet she gathers everything that she needs. We are told the ant would be our inspiration to get up and get moving. Verse 9 asks us how long will we slumber? Being lazy has consequences that we will not see coming, like a thief.

The Wicked Man 

Verses 12-19 show us what a wicked man is:

  1. Walks with a perverse mouth
  2. Winks with his eyes
  3. Shuffles his feet
  4. Points with his fingers
  5. Perversity is in his heart
  6. Devises evil continually
  7. Sows discord

Calamity comes upon him suddenly, and suddenly he will be broken without remedy.

It then says that the Lord hates 6 things and 7 are an abomination to Him. All of these connect to the previous 7 we just looked at.:

  1. A proud look
  2. A lying tongue
  3. Hands that shed innocent blood
  4. A heart that devises wicked plans.
  5. Feet that are swift in running to evil
  6. A false witness who speaks lies
  7. One who sows discord among brethren

Beware Of Adultery 

Verses 20-35 remind us of some of the things we covered in Ch. 5.

Keep our father’s instructions, and bind the law in our heart. This means to tie tightly or to combine it. So what once were two things becomes one. It’s important that scripture is woven within us, that is a part of us. Solomon takes it one step further, not just to have the law in our heart, but also to bind it around our neck.

For where we go the word is with us. Where we sleep the word is with us. When we awake the word speaks to us. That’s powerful!

Verse 23 (NKJ) For the commandment is a lamp, and the law a light; reproofs of instruction are the way of life. 

The law keeps us from people who tempt us. Those who seduce, this includes false teaching that is itching to our ears. 

This temptation is very strong. Scripture says can a man (verse 27) take fire to his chest and will his clothes not burn? We know that his clothes WILL BURN should this happen. Another scripture takes it further. A man who walks on coals, will his feet not be seared? A man who goes to his neighbor’s wife and touches her shall not be innocent (verses 28-29).

Being tempted and seduced like this will lead many astray. We need the truth in our hearts to guide us and remind us of what is wholesome.

This wisdom… Solomon should have heeded. 

A thief isn’t hated if he steals because he starves, however, he must restore sevenfold when found out, no matter the consequences. However, those who commit adultery lack understanding that destroys their own souls. Unlike the thief who receives no hatred, an adulterer faces the vengeance of the husband. No matter how many gifts are given back the husband will not be appeased.

Again, we see how this not only relates to sexual immorality but false teaching against the Lord Jesus.

What To Take Away: There is a lot in this chapter. God hates what is selfish. He disproves of self-gain and the hurt it causes. He especially hates discord we create among others.

What we bear in our hearts, like Cain, will eventually surface outwardly. However, God already knows our heart whether we commit an evil action or not. 

It is imperative that we cling to Jesus and His holy word. Only the truth of God can help us not fall into traps of temptations. In Ephesians, we are told the sword of the Spirit is the word of God. If we are not using and knowing scripture, we can’t fight back at all.

(NIV) Ephesians 6:17, “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”

Message To Listen To: Surviors Of Christian Cults Warn About False Teachings, Mind Control, and Scripture Twisting  from Doreen Virtue 

Worship Song: Take Me In by Kutless 


What can you do to bind the word of God on your heart? 

Luke 11_39-40, careful to clean the outside of the cup and the dish, but inside you are filthy–full of greed and wickedness. Fools! Didn’t God make the inside as well as the outside_.png

11 thoughts on “The 7 Things God Hates

  1. Great post!
    God also hates believers that sow seeds of discord or cause division in the body of Christ. Roman’s 16: 17-18 and James 4:11 will be good for your soul my sister.
    Protect your heart from hate. Don’t get involved with ministries that specialize in calling other ministries false or cults.That’s a dangerous place to be in.
    Our job is to pray for fellow Christians we disagree with. Not fill others with hate towards them.
    I pray that God’s love fills your heart and your eyes be opened to the truth.
    Some things are not worth listening to. I clicked on the first YouTube link and straightaway knew it was bad for my soul.
    Stay blessed and in love.

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    1. I deeply appreciate you making sure hate is not being sown. Thank you so much.

      Scripture shows us multiple times how people are warned against false teachers and false prophets. A number of books in the New Testament are written for believers who were being taught wrong by people who appeared to be part of the body of Christ. But what they taught was not Christ. During the New Testament this is where agnostic teachings emerged, and these are all false teachings, which is what we see the apostles deal with.

      Verse 17 of Romans 16 talks about people causing divisions and offenses specifically against the true doctrine. The true teachings of Jesus. Verse 18 talks about how these people use their sweet words to lure. The video I shared, the people discuss how others led them falsely through sweet words. By sharing their testimonies of how God saved them and showed them the truth, it is to encourage others of the truth of the Gospel. There are many false ministeries, doctrines, and teachers.

      The context of chapter 4 of James is very much focused on pride. Absolutely, in our pride we can judge others and this is sinful, wrong, and it does cause divisions, as well as discord, you are so right. But we know Jesus was not judging the Pharisees or Sadducees out of pride. Nor were the apostles when they wrote 2 Corinthians (the church was swayed by false teachings) Galatians (1:06 talks about how they turned away from Christ to other luring false teacher’s teachings) 2 Thessalonians, Hebrews (encouraging the Jewish Christian converts not to revert back to their old ways but strive for perfection in Christ), 2 Peter (again dangerous doctrines were making their way in), 3 John shares a dispute in a church (this is where we get 1:11 do not imitate what is evil, but what is good), and Jude who warns against false teachers again. Jude says to some show compassion but others we save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating the garment (not person) defiled by flesh. *Jude 1:20-23

      True hate will not want to snatch people up from the fire. Love snatches people from the fire! And love isn’t always easy to hear, but that doesn’t mean it’s hate. I’m sure the rebuking we see Paul give when discussing false teachers could easily be looked upon as hate. But it wasn’t. He was sorrowful in love against those who believed the false teachers that were wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      The multiple times we see Jesus speak the woes to the scribes and Pharisees was not out of hate for the person, but the sin.

      The video I shared is packed in scripture and encourages people to understand what is true of Jesus and what is not. There are false teachings in many ministries and the apostles pointed to the truth as Jesus also pointed out how both the Pharisees and Sadducees were wrong in their beliefs, actions, and teachings.

      I see other believers like Doreen and Melissa who were saved in Jesus getting out of the snare of the false doctrines they were in to warn others.

      Matthew 13:44 talks about precious treasure in a field that man would go, sell all he had, and buy the whole field for that precious treasure. How beautiful and freeing is the love of Jesus. He is our jewel, our treasure, and others deserve to know when false teachers are false even if they have the appearance of being gentle and kind. That doesn’t mean belittling others, by no means, but pointing out the truth. False teaching is sinful and it will lure others to Hell. Like Proverbs 6 warns we need the truth of scripture and a lot of people who get lured away do not know scripture. Videos like these I think can be very helpful in directing people to what scripture actually says.

      James also says in 2:15-16 that simply telling someone who is naked and starving to be filled and warmed is not enough when we can help them. I feel this shows why we must discuss these truths in love and not only pray for people lost, but pray for God to help us show them the truth, and then share the truth of scripture. To point out the false teachings.

      Thank you so much for your concern 💗💗💗 we just want people to know Jesus and the truth of Christ.

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  2. I came to faith and joined a Spirit filled church in the mid-1980’s. The worship songs and choruses filled my musical mind with many Scriptures, as well as the cassette music tapes I got for my children. The Spirit has been faithful to teach me and bring them to mind when needed, though I can’t attach many “addresses” to what I share because I learned the words from songs ☺️

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  3. Love this post. ❤

    "Danger Of Being Responsible For Someone" – This reminds me of where it says in the NT that teachers and pastors would be judged more critically than others.

    "We are told the ant would be our inspiration to get up and get moving. Verse 9 asks us how long will we slumber? Being lazy has consequences that we will not see coming, like a thief." **crawls under a rock**

    "It then says that the Lord hates 6 things and 7 are an abomination to Him." — I never noticed that they connect before. O.O

    "For where we go the word is with us. Where we sleep the word is with us. When we awake the word speaks to us. That’s powerful!" — This is also a comfort. ❤

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  4. Such profound teaching. Thanks for sharing TRN. Would love to hear your story of where you learn so much and how you study God’s word.
    Meanwhile i’m sharing a video of hope which I thought speaks encouragement in a time such as this, request you to please view it and share comments on the video to encourage Sophie who has just begun sharing her experiences with the Lord.

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    1. I listen to a few pastors online and as God stripped me away from sin and helped me repent, He provided so much clarity I couldn’t receive before because of sin. I’ve talked about my story a bit in a couple of posts regarding my own temptations and sin, as well as covering how to study scripture and meditate on scripture. You can check out these pages with multiple posts I put together here if you like.

      and for Bible Summaries I’ve worked on just breaking down one or two chapters for the posts, looking for what God is doing, how it relates to life, and how it relates to Jesus. You can view more Bible Summaries and there are links to my How To Study the Bible series on the page as well, no pressure to check out.


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