Without Water & Soil My Flower Bloomed (Sower Of Seeds)

Christmases have become very close to my heart. This Christmas was unique, as each one tends to be. My grandmother gifted me with an apple blossom kit. It was almost ready to start blooming soon. The way the kit is “suppose” to work out is:

  1. You soak the disk of dried soil and break it up in the pot.
  2. THEN you plant the flower bulb.
  3. Water accordingly.
  4. Place in warm area with access to sunlight.
  5. The bulb grows and eventually blooms.

So… my flower bulb was out of the box already…without the soil and without water. It DID, however, get a heat source and a little light.


The first bloom occurred on a Sunday, and we were going home the very next day. I told the plant *unnamed at the time, “No, I won’t water you. You will have to wait.”

Clearly, she didn’t listen to me. She just did what she wanted.

By the next morning, the second bloom was ready.


Yep. After getting our luggage and Christmas gifts in the car, this plant and I were seat buddies for the next three hours. Since she was not rooted, she would be flopping around everywhere if not held. I had to be careful to make sure when I left the car for breaks that her delicate petals were not smashed against the frame of the door.

Once we arrived home, after putting things away, I was FINALLY able to get her into soil and water. And I named my apple blossom…uh…Lily!

Lily is her name.

As soon as she had started blooming I knew that God could show me some connection to her and scripture. Not surprisingly, it related to false teaching and also not being grounded in Christ

False teaching is often compared to the snake in the garden with Eve. The serpent spoke truth with a twist. We see this when Jesus was tempted. Satan quoted scripture. He was not speaking pure lies.

Up until last year, I didn’t realize how many ministries, doctrines, teachers, pastors, and believers claim to be Christian but what they do, preach, and encourage go against God’s word. This doesn’t mean EVERYTHING will be blatantly clear that they are going against scripture. Again, to be deceptive means to sound right, and have some truth in it. What better people to use as deceivers then those who don’t know they are deceived. Wolves going after sheep.

The parable of the sower best shows us this. (This doesn’t mean that people who hear the truth in a godly environment can’t fall away. They can.) 

The Sower can be found in Luke Ch. 8, we will be focusing on Christ explaining it. (verses 11-15)

  1. The seed that falls is the word of God.
  2. Those who are on the path hear the word but then Satan comes and takes the word away from their heart. They do not believe and cannot be saved. Scripture says do not give the devil a foothold. (Ephesians 4:27)
  3. Those who are on rocky ground hear the word and receive it with joy. However, they have no root so that they believe only for a little while. When they are tested, unfortunately, they fall away. 
  4. Those who hear the word among thorns are choked by life’s worries, riches, and pleasures. Due to this, they cannot mature. 
  5. Those who hear the word among good soil have a noble and good heart. What they hear, they retain. Through perseverance, they produce a good crop. 

What this parable points to is location. Where are we hearing the word of God? What are we surrounding ourselves with? Environment is crucial for new believers because if new believers aren’t receiving the milk of scripture, there is no way they can be ready for the meaty and more difficult parts of scripture.

(NIV) Hebrews 5:13, “Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness.”

Some people can be in a godly church with godly people, but if that is all they have and no interaction with Jesus outside of that then they are on rocky ground. This is what it means to be lukewarm. No scripture reading. No worship at home. No prayer. Or seeking more information, which is such a blessing in America. We have books, movies, podcasts and videos from people we can learn from. Biographies of godly men and women to encourage us. Corrie Ten Boom is one of my favorites.

What I did notice is that false teaching easily can help redirect people to anywhere EXCEPT the good soil!

  • False teaching will deceive people, encouraging footholds for Satan unbeknownst to them.
  • False teaching cannot give us true roots in Jesus. Therefore we can’t grow in Him.
  • Many false teachings are focused on self-control and self profit. Think “positive things only” and self-care are used to the point of self-indulgence. Tempting us to think we are “little gods” who can control things and God Himself when it is God Who determines everything. People focus so much on this life and what they can get out of it when scripture says to focus on eternity, not on things that rust and moths can eat. Heads up, the prosperity gospel is a FALSE GOSPEL! (2 Corinthians 4:18, Matt. 6:19, Matt. 6:25, What Is The Prosperity Gospel)

My flower had the soil disk with her and a pot. She needed someone to place her directly where sunlight would be good and in a warm place. She relied on someone to water her soil so she could be planted. She relies still.

If all we are doing is relying on ourselves for advancement in Christ and “playing” the part, we will utterly fail. If our heart is not for Christ, if He isn’t our goal, our life, then we aren’t on good soil. We do need shepherds. We need a body of believers as fellow brothers and sisters (the true Church). Most importantly, we need Jesus to reign as King over us. 

We can’t discern anything without Christ, and discernment whether you have the spiritual gift or not IS NEEDED! Discernment is gained through Jesus and His word. 

If all you have right now is a Bible and access to the internet, do not fret. If you need a Bible or would like more references check out Bible Hub. There are great people to listen to online (Paul Washer and Pastor Tim Conway are two favorites of mine on YouTube), and if you are a blogger, hello, there are amazing Christian bloggers to connect with. You may just find a friend to connect with outside of blogging!

I have. I’ve been blessed with two sisters and a grandmother in Christ. There have been times I’ve been alone but Jesus has always been there and His Holy Spirit is our Comforter for a reason. Ask and pray for God to give you a community of godly people you can grow with, and keep asking Him even if it takes a long time. If you need a new pot, a new environment that speaks holiness, great! But be willing to grow where you are planted. Do not fade away from Jesus. 


  • Has God used gardening to speak to you? 
  • If you have prayer requests for January, let me know. 

Monthly Scripture- (NIV) Psalm 85:01, “You, LORD, showed favor to Your land; You restored the fortunes of Jacob.”

Community Prayer Requests | December ’19– Join us in requesting prayer, praying for each other and lifting each other up. 

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15 thoughts on “Without Water & Soil My Flower Bloomed (Sower Of Seeds)

  1. Amen! So many looking like a true lily when their roots are not planted nor watered by the true Creator of the lily! Hallelujah! Glory to your name Lord. He has warned us about this many times in Matthew. One scripture that always sticks with me is from Matt 7 in one of the verses said” Wherefore by their fruits, ye shall know them.” Yes, He has taught me many lessons where planting is concerned and continues to and my prayer request for this month is salvation for five of my friends. *two includes my neighbor & his daughter* thanks much! God bless you! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, Tammy! We need our roots in Jesus. That’s a favorite scripture of mine, too! When we aren’t sure of people and need to “test the spirits” we will know them by their fruits.

      The Bible gives us a guideline what to look for, and for us to know what needs to be within us, too, so that we are not hypocrites. I know I sometimes struggle seeing the speck of others when I, too, struggle with the same thing. The plank in my own eye.

      I will make sure to add them to the post. So many people and nations around the world we need to be praying for ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amen! Yes that’s right sis. Amen!!

        Amen yes very true. That’s why we must daily examine our hearts. I’ve been doing that, more than ever now. Before I found myself unrighteously judging others but then the Lord corrected me where that was concerned. I’m getting better ONLY and by the grace of Jesus. ❤

        Thank you and yes indeed. Pray without ceasing.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This was good, T.R. Yes, discernment is crucial. And, yes, we have to be students of the Word of God, and we need to study it IN CONTEXT. Too many false teachings come from scriptures taken out of context and made to say what the false teachers want the people to believe they say.

    And, yes, false teaching will be very self-focused, and will appeal to human flesh, and will tickle itching ears and make them feel good. It will appeal to the flesh, and that is why the flesh of man loves it so much, and it is why it is so deceptive, too. And, yes, it will have the appearance of truth but will be very subtly false.

    So, this is why it is critical that we know the scriptures and that we surround ourselves with other godly people who also know and who live the truth of the scriptures, who can encourage us and help us to know the truth and to live the truth, too.

    And, we just have to be in the habit of testing what we hear against the scriptures, in context, to make certain that what we are hearing is the truth and not clever lies disguised as truth. And, you are right, just because they use scripture, which Satan did, too, doesn’t mean what they are teaching is truth. That is part of the deception to make it appear like truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely!!!!! Thank you for adding this especially for people who may not know! I’m going to make a note to write a post on how to look at scripture, context, etc. Thanks for the inspiration! Glory be to God!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. T.R. You are welcome! Another thought on that is that the scriptures they use may say what they appear to be saying, but they remove them from their context, and thus they only share a part of the story, not the whole story, not the whole truth. And, so they share partial truths and then draw false conclusions from those partial (incomplete) truths, and this is one of the biggest ways they are able to deceive people. They often, too, apply the promises of God across the board to anyone making a profession of Christ or calling himself/herself a Christian, but those promises of God are very specific regarding to whom they apply. And, so we need to see to whom they apply. Well, those were just some additional thoughts. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This is such a neat analogy! I have looked at plants about the concept of growth, which inspired the name of my blog! I absolutely love nature, and it influences my perspectives and motivates my way of life in a multitude of ways. I think it is beautiful that God created us to live on a planet with so many beautiful sights and methods to use our five senses in a healing way! Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

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