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ADDED NOTE (01/20/2020)– I want to add, as I discuss at the bottom of the post, short posts can be meaty! I have some additions inspired by comments to help clarify the post. Thank you everyone for the discussion!

What attracts most people? How do I grow my audience?

I know these are tempting questions for new bloggers and current bloggers. Letting you know upfront, this post is not about how to get traffic or increase your stats. I warn Christian bloggers on these posts about being careful about these temptations because it’s so easy for our focus to shift from Jesus Christ to numbers.

In the same way, a blogger who blogs about food isn’t considered a Fashion blogger, not blogging about Christ doesn’t make you a Christian blogger. 

Americans and others who live in countries in which they (currently) are able to talk about Jesus without being behind bars or killed… do not take the freedom lightly! We should be living our lives daily in a way that should persecution of this magnitude happens WE WILL BE READY TO KEEP TALKING ABOUT JESUS DESPITE DEATH! Talking about Jesus is crucial and anything good in this world can connect to Jesus, we just have to make that effort.

In the past, I’ve felt guilty when bloggers say they are against long posts. However, both short and long posts can be helpful. Your average post length may vary. For me, short posts are 400-800 words, and longer are 1,000 – 1,400 words (though, I certainly have done much longer depending on the topic). As one blogger mentions, what is considered long or short can be subjective. At the end of the day, it isn’t about us or our numbers. Jesus has to be first.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 11.18.12 PM

Why Long Posts Are Beneficial:

  1. We are not here to entertain people purely. Our posts should be informative and encourage people to draw closer to Jesus and God’s word. They can be convicting and challenging, therefore, they can be hard to read, no matter the length. But we shouldn’t opt out of writing a long post purely to please. 
  2. Some topics require multiple scriptures, which should be shared when needed. Referencing scriptures (with links especially) is beneficial though most do not look them up (share the links anyway). Sharing scriptures on our blog posts help people SEE what it says. The more scripture we have can also dissuade some disagreeable comments because our points are clear
  3. Even if people skim your long posts… it’s important to highlight what you want people to take home with them. Headings are important, too. You also could break up a long post into shorter posts, after posting the long one.
  4. The post may be needed for that ONE person. I know when I am researching topics it’s helpful when someone has put everything together for me. Longer posts help readers have all they want at once. Issue With Breaking Up Long PostsIf it’s broken up, people can take bite-sized pieces, however, if it is broken up that is not a guarantee a reader will read all the posts, and therefore could lose some beneficial information. (So make sure to have your long post published, too, if this is a topic that wouldn’t do well broken-up) 

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 2.48.48 PM

Speaking of bite-sized pieces…

Why Short Posts Are Beneficial: 

 1. A balance of milk posts and meat posts. Milk posts refer to the scripture in which Paul talks about a congregation that should have been ready for mature content (meat), but they were still on the milk, therefore, Paul had to give them bite-sized pieces. Short posts allow lighter discussion on heavier topics.  We do not always know what kind of walk a reader has with Jesus when they visit our blog. They may NOT have a walk with Christ at all. They could be under false teaching (and NEED the milk).

(Side Tangent/Explanation On Milk & Meat)This doesn’t mean people who are on the milk can’t read meatier posts, but they may not understand them or fully grasp what you are saying. It’s not always the fault of the blogger, rather the individual isn’t ready.

Kinda like a friend who struggles with the same issue for years, despite you saying the same thing. But then one day comes and the friend comes to you with this new revelation, an AHA moment, of when things click for them. What you’ve been saying for years, they finally understand and believe. We are not the Holy Spirit. We can’t open people’s eyes, only God can. The Lord can help us leave stones in people’s shoes, though. 

We can read the same thing multiple times and not attach it to our lives.  Again, this is the importance of repeating the truth in our posts. People take time, show them patience. 


Having shorter posts on “milk topics” introduces a basis for deeper discussions later because new believers cannot handle everything at once.

Breaking up topics into chewable pieces is helpful. Remember, it doesn’t matter how mature a Christian is, we still need to be reminded of the basic and simple milk/introductory stuff.  

    2. Shorter posts give you and your audience a break and balance. Heavier posts can take up time. Shorter posts can take up less time. You may be able to reach people with shorter posts that you wouldn’t be able to with a long post. 

    3. Shorter posts do not mean not impactfulYou can have a meaty post in 400 words. You can have a light topic pushing people to draw closer to the Lord in prayer, worship, and scripture.

Ultimately, this is what matters regarding length… 

  • Is this a Biblical topic, even if it is out of your comfort zone and what you normally write about?
  • Did you pray about it? 
  • Is the post for your benefit or for the glory of God and others? – Blogging for Jesus doesn’t mean we write what we want to a lot of the time. It’s writing what He wants and what needs to be discussed.
  • Would the post be better broken up into two posts or more? 
  • Is this topic something that needs a lot of details and clarity? Or can you talk about the topic fully under 700-600 words?
  • What type of research does this topic require? What kind of links, amount of scriptures, and the amount of time you need to invest?


When editing:

  1. Are there extra words (you’re repeating yourself and it isn’t needed)? Ex. This post alone I’ve deleted about 300 words because they said the same point over and over.
  2. Can you summarize a full paragraph in one or two sentences?
  3. Does a scripture need to be written out or could it be referenced?
  4. Are there future posts you need to write on or possibly write BEFORE you publish the one you’re editing? Ex. I have a post talking about how people have judged me for “judging others”. I realized writing a post on judgment and looking at what scripture says about judgment would be beneficial to explore and learn from first.

Blogging can be a battle, do not walk in unprepared and pray for the Lord to guide your flesh/emotions. Part of the fruit of the Spirit is self-control and we need it! Read the Bible daily and study.

I hope this was helpful in your blogging journey with the Lord. Glory be His.


What have you learned as a Christian blogger when it comes to writing posts?

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50 thoughts on “Should I Have Short Or Long Posts | Christian Blogger

  1. I am a brand new to the blogging world. I have no idea what I am doing outside of writing the blog itself. I’ve never used WordPress, or even built a website in my life.

    I was wondering what a good size for my posts should after posting a 2500 word blog on the Ten Commandments. I immediately posted a smaller blog the next day. I think perhaps you are correct about the 🍖 and 🥛 factors. We need both. Thank you for helping figure that out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We do need both! And some short posts can be very meaty and some long posts can be on milk understanding. But a balance can be great for topic discussion and for readers. So glad this was helpful to you! Praise the Lord!


  2. I struggle with wanting to put out shorter posts in hopes that more people will read them. I can be pretty lengthy but I’m trying to find my balance. I do my best to stay true to what’s on my heart to write about.

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    1. Even the same topic can be written in both and short ways. I have done that in hopes people can be familiar with a summary and people are exposed to the depth. But sometimes in what I think should be short, God clearly shows me it isn’t meant to be, and I need to go in depth. Ultimately, He speaks and helps people be awakened to the truth, and my control over length is nothing in comparison to His power. Even if it is few, if they get Jesus that is what matters most.

      If I had 1,000 people all like one post, but it left absolutely no impact, there is no point. I’ve found comfort in not caring about length for numbers. I struggle sometimes, but it is a lot easier now focusing on every individual.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. 🙂 🙂 I thought 800 words were very long posts 🙂 🙂 good to know, I’m still within the short 🙂 🙂 I AM a christian, in everything WHO I AM must be seen. Christ can be seen in every aspect of my life, because He cares about the whole me; even though my blog maybe about fashion, because He cares for me, I can talk about fashion and still include Him in it 🙂 Great post, my friend

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, amen! You can talk about fashion and include Christ. I wish more people understood that and were encouraged to talk about Him in anything and everything good!

      800 words is just the tip of what some would consider long. But as another mentioned numbers can be subjective, it depends on the reader. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Blogging is an ever learning curve I think, so you are not alone 🙂 . As Christians, God continues to take us deeper. Blogging for Jesus shares the same. I think He will continue to push us as a bloggers for Him. That can look different for various bloggers. ❤ I'm grateful what I shared can be helpful for others. May we all keep running toward Jesus in everything ❤ To Him be the glory!

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  4. I’m going to advocate short posts and suggest that they’re not necessarily “milk” posts.

    To be honest, this is partly because my daily devotional posts tend to be pretty short.

    But also, although the Bible is Biblical in proportion, there’s not a superfluous word in it.

    So people shouldn’t write long posts just for the sake of seeming to be more spiritual (not that you were saying that).

    Notwithstanding the above, thanks for a good and thought provoking post. Some of my more topical posts than the daily devotionals probably stray into the longer category. But as everyone seems to agree, we are to write as the Spirit leads. Tbh, I do sometimes wonder if my four paragraph and a prayer structure for my regular posts is a bit contrived and constraining, but I’ve got into the groove now!

    God bless 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have added some clarity points to the post inspired by the comment discussion. I make sure to say a few more times in the post that shorter posts do not mean only milk. I think I only mentioned it once or twice prior. Now, I open the post hoping people see shorter posts can be meaty and powerful, too. Thank you for the discussion and inspiration!


  5. I personally enjoy the power of a short, poignant post. It’s a gifted writer who can communicate well in a pared-down style. And I don’t appreciate rambling! That said, I do understand that many bloggers choose to write about their detailed study of a particular topic, and that will take more words. As God leads, to each his own!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There can definitely be something special about short posts for sure!

      Rambling can be a distraction. And words with no structure, no point, or needless repetitiveness are not helpful by any means. Short or long posts it is easy to ramble and bounce off one idea to the next. At least, I’ve caught myself and editing made sure to cut it out. 😅😅😅

      I see a lot of people speak up for short posts, and I wanted to share the other side for why long can be beneficial. As some critiques of long posts can be quite negative.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I love how both short and long have their purposes! I have a long post this Thursday that I’m praying for because I don’t know how people will react to it. I needed to break down the topic and help Christians understand both the issue of the topic and then how to focus on it the right way with Jesus.

        For you to see my side truly means a lot because I care about your perspective. Thank you so much!

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  6. As the Lord leads us, so we SHOULD do, whether long, short, or in between. Not only does God desire to lead us in our writing, He also leads people to what we write……

    “His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”…..John 2:5


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  7. Your post was too long. Just kidding! I appreciated your emphasis on truly keeping your blogging on the heart of the matter: on Jesus and what Jesus is leading us to share and not on followers or states.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. To me whether something is long or short is subjective. Something may be short to me but long to another reader and something may be long to me but short to another reader. I’ve read blog posts that were the length of a chapter of a book, if the chapter was 10 pages long, and I thought that was extremely long for a blog post and it made me not desire to read that person’s blog posts often. I’ve read blog posts only about 1 or 2 paragraphs long and appreciated and even admired that, wishing I could do that.

    I do sometimes feel that it’s thoughtful while writing to consider that a reader may have other blogs from other bloggers that they want to read from and spending 30-40 minutes reading a single post is much too long (but that’s my opinion).

    Everytime I’m inspired to write something on my blog I think to myself that I’m going to be make it short and straight to the point but it usually never goes that way because I sometimes find myself needing to give a little background information as to why I’m writing what I’m writing or the moment I sit down lots of thoughts come flooding in that I just feel I need to share to drive the point home.

    What if when David wrote Psalm 119 he thought, maybe I should really shorten this or I may lose some people after the 73rd verse? So, if God is truly leading someone I think they should write and not worry about length.

    I think this comment of mine is more on the longer side, lol. So, I’ll stop right here. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I completely agree. That’s why I talked about balance. Shorter posts can reach those who may not stick around to read long ones.

      Good point, length is subjective for reader and absolutely agree, it isn’t about length but Jesus!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I just thought also that many, including myself, tend to think that really gifted writers are those who can say a lot with just a few words, but I think that really good writers are able to keep their readers engaged even in a long post and that’s especially incredible in this generation that prefers things the length of a meme, lol. Whether long or short, each have their benefits like you pointed out. This was a great post because it’s sparked a conversation I’ve never had or heard anyone talking about but as bloggers we’ve definitely thought about it. Nice to know what others think.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Gifted writers are also those who engage readers through long posts, wow! ❤ this! It is a blessing to see how the Lord can use writers who can pack a punch in few words, and it's a blessing to see how He uses writers to help readers stay focused on longer posts. He is so good and He is glorified!

        I'm grateful for the discussion. It helped me clarify a few points in hopes the post sounds better and everyone feels heard.

        For sure people think about it, as I think the conversation that came out of it shows that. 🙂 Praise be to Jesus!!! May He continue to guide our writing to point to His truth!!!

        Liked by 2 people

  9. Awesome considerations when promoting the name of Christ. I go shorter, I just know that our American world conditions people to glaze over after a paragraph.

    I also post the full Bible reference because I find that I rarely look up Bible references when I’m reading/studying, it disrupts my focus to grab my Bible and go to a different scripture. But then that reference launched someone into the Word so that’s good too.

    God can use it all for His glory. If you are a Christian blogger just go for it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, shorters post are beneficial for people on the go and they can still be impactful.

      References are so helpful. I’ve found I learn a lot through all the scriptures I go through for one post.

      Amen, it’s about God and He will be glorified!!

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