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Knowledge Doesn’t Make You A “Mature” Christian (I’m A Hypocrite)

I was looking over a past conflict I had with someone a couple years ago. There were concerning issues I saw with their walk with Jesus, and I tried to encourage them to be wary of becoming stubborn in what they thought was right. Yeah, not something easy to say…let alone hear on the other side. It wasn’t taken well, understandably. 

We are to be edifying and encouraging to each other. Encouragement doesn’t mean we always agree, but rather, we encourage each other with the truth! I wanted to help them seek Jesus.

One defense I received was (paraphrased), “You treat me like I’m a new Christian.” 

I’m sharing this story not to point fingers. You see, this post isn’t about the person above because … I didn’t realize how much I shared the same mindset! I don’t like it when I feel people are treating me “like a new Christian,” either! A lot of the same things they did, I didn’t realize at the time, but I also was doing. The advice I gave them I NEEDED, TOO! 


God has taught me a lot since I was 13 years old and continues to, but for YEARS I was still in bondage to sin. I had limits, blinders on, because of sin I allowed in my life. Judgment clouded my heart. Pride promised me that I should be recognized for what I felt and thought were right. I knew so much…and honestly wanted that to be validated. I didn’t want to focus on others and their words… not the way I should have. 

Post | Ashamed, I Knew I Was Choosing Sin Over God

Between 2018 and 2019 Jesus reminded me continually and often daily that “mature” Christians NEED TO UNDERSTAND AND DRINK THE MILK REPEATEDLY TO EAT THE MEAT! You cannot eat the meat of scripture unless you drink the milk. Meals…come with drinks.

What I thought I “knew” well, The word of God threw me for a loop. As if the topics on the page leaped up with the question, “Oh… have you thought about this?” 

Twiddles thumbs. “Um…”Lifts up finger, “Ah…” sits back down. It was a complete sit yourself down, Job moment. 

Salvation can be spoken of lightly, however, there is a depth to it. Faith can be spoken of lightly, however… there is a depth to it. I may know a lot about particular topics in scripture, but you know what, I think my blog shows how much I continue to learn and don’t really know. God keeps adding new knowledge to topics I thought I had “leveled up” from, and shame on me for thinking there was a limit to knowledge on what He wants me to understand in His word. As if I “took a class” on the Bible and determined, “Yep, I did it, Lord. See what I know! I don’t need to know anything else about this topic. Let’s move on.” Oh, that pride… and I thought I was being humble at the time. Ouch!  

How dare I act arrogant and think…that something related to God’s truth…I DIDN’T NEED TO LEARN MORE OF! SHAME ON ME! 

How quick have I been to others to defend my thoughts and actions… to clear my name? I didn’t pray over what I was told. I didn’t seek scripture as help. I just…took it up into my own control and hands. I played judgment on myself, acted like God, and deemed myself “good” while everyone else was wrong. 

Be wary Christian blogger… this temptation can happen a lot in our digital comments and responses! 

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 3.30.52 PM

When we think we know everything there is to God’s word and truth… we haven’t even touched the beginning. We are a defiant toddler who thinks we can touch the burner and not get burned. 

I GOT BURNED! Jesus humbled me. I couldn’t bring up this topic until two years later because I knew my heart needed help. There were things people said to me in these two years, at first, I was like, NAH!

But you know, like I said, I didn’t take their concerns to the Lord. In fact, sometimes, months later, I looked back on what was said…and realized they were right! There were things I was struggling with that other people pointed out I didn’t want to admit because I was convinced, by my own pride, they were wrong. They didn’t see my side, how dare they! Me. Me. Me.

There were some concerns or disagreements I’ve had in the past God changed my mind on later. I could understand the other side better only after God humbled me. All the more reason I really need to put everything in light of scripture.

Some Questions I’ve Learned/Working On To Ask Myself When Someone Tells Me Something I Don’t Want To Hear:

  • Am I responding in a Christlike manner? 
  • Am I upset because someone attacked me and my pride/ego is wounded? Just because someone says something I do not like does not give me a right to justify thinking they don’t have the fruit of the Spirit. The true body of Christ edifies each other! 
  • Is there any truth? 
  • What does scripture say? 
  • Even if the other party might be wrong, how can I pray for them? 
  • Did I seek Jesus before responding? 
  • Are any seeds of pride or bitterness being sown in my heart? Do I need to surrender them to Jesus? 

We need to be careful that we are not putting limits on anything the Lord can teach us about. We need to be careful that we are not puffed up with pride that with one poke our inflatable jacket sends us flying around the room.

This includes not just our outward reaction to others…but what we harbor in our mind, heart, and soul. Just because we do not “say” something in response…doesn’t mean we aren’t “saying” something in response within our soul, mind, and heart. 

We still need to be edifying and encouraging. However, we also need to understand we may need to approach topics or people differently. Be willing to be rejected, but also be willing to understand we may have things we also need to work on. Maybe, the Lord will use our refinement as an example. I hope so.

The person I mentioned doesn’t have a walk with Christ now. I still don’t know if my reaching out was helpful at all or not, even after it was mended; if any seeds got planted, but I can say, God taught me a lot of things I needed to work on.

Speaking in love is difficult. Being humble is difficult, especially when we think we are. Pride is so sneaky and its ability to blend in is amazing! Be willing to seek forgiveness. Be willing to admit mistakes.

Be willing for the Lord to change you.

May the Lord keep changing me, too. 

(NASB) 1 Corinthians 10:23, “All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful, but not all things edify.”

(NASB) Ephesians 4:29, “Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.”


Have you ever had someone say something you were upset with but God later showed you there was truth in their words? 

Monthly Scripture- (NIV) Psalm 85:01, “You, LORD, showed favor to Your land; You restored the fortunes of Jacob.”

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23 thoughts on “Knowledge Doesn’t Make You A “Mature” Christian (I’m A Hypocrite)

  1. “We need to be careful that we are not wearing blinders and putting limits on anything the Lord can teach us about.” This post is so very true! When I was going through very rough times for me and my family these past few years, my relationship with the Lord came to a standstill because I was very caught up in the stress in my life. I’ve learned so much about myself, about others’ relationships with the Lord, and how I am to be forgiving and open-minded. I found myself looking down on others who were just starting out following the Lord, or who had differing views from me on having a relationship with Him, and in retrospect I realize how wrong that was of me. The Lord has convicted me of that now and I am having to ask for and accept His forgiveness. I had no idea how hypocritical I was being, feeling like I was above others in Christ simply because my relationship with Him began in 2012! I was focusing on experience over time instead of growth, which only He can bring about. I ended up stumbling when I saw “younger” than me Christians getting and expressing spiritual truths that I didn’t even get, because I felt like I had been cheated out, or something. I was really self-consumed during those years and I am repenting of that now. The Lord is teaching me to recognize that all of His children are on very individual walks with Him, and my growth or lack thereof during a trial does not need to equal or surpass those who are in a different place with Him. It’s extremely humbling, and it was a hard lesson for me to learn, but I am thankful for what He’s teaching me and how He’s constantly challenging me!

    Wow… this may be the longest comment I’ve ever written. I’m so glad you wrote this post! As you can see, it got me thinking, haha.

    (Also I re-followed you because, even though it’s embarrassing to me, I am in the process of following everyone again. I want to learn how to show myself grace, and by taking this step and following once again is hard for me to do, I know it’s the right thing. 🙂 )

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    1. Haha, well you know I love discussion and our conversations! I’m so glad you shared that because honestly so many of us I think struggle with being hypocritical at some point. I also have to step back and reevaluate my thoughts before I step forward.

      Girl, no worries!!!! I had to make changes relating to blogging that was hard but it was for my own good, too. Glad that you are doing what yoi need to do!!!!

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      1. There are so many times where I look back and go “what was I thinking?!” but I have to remember that the Lord was teaching me something during those times, so I need to focus on the fact that He taught me what I needed to learn. I’ll get tripped up and think I should have understood something before I experienced it for myself, which is impossible without experience. I’m learning to relax and pay attention to what the Lord is currently helping me to learn without feeling like I “should” have already known those lessons. 🙂

        Thank you! ❤

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  2. hi t r I really love the title of this blog post . it grabbed my attention which made me want to read it cos I find it instantly relatable . often I have said to myself I know more than that person about God but my knowledge means nothing if I cant apply it to my life and use it to prevent sin from becoming my slave master . I like how you said that we speak when we say nothing in response . I am sorry to hear your friend is no longer walking with Christ . I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much . God can use what you said to minister to others . you don’t know how many people that person spoke to about what you said and how many lives were touched and changed for the better as a result of your obedience to God saying what needed to be said to that person to help them further their walk with God . its true that sometimes we can think we know all we need to know about God or all there is to know about a certain topic related to Christianity . I know I don’t understand plenty of prophetic passages in the bible but I don’t need to know the answer as much as I need to have an intimate relationship with the one capable of providing solutions to all problems and salvation for our souls . happy new year genius . I am blessed to have you in my life and I always appreciate your knowledge wisdom and brave honesty that requires an excessive amount of vulnerability and awakens the nature of Christ in HIs creation

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    1. Thank you so much! I really do hope the conversation I had can help others who might see it. I agree, we can’t know everything on the spot and God can work with us where we are. He is the Refiner and a lot of good came out of this. I learned a lot. Thank you again for the encouragement, I’m glad you related. All glory to Jesus!!!

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  3. You remind me that God is the Potter and I am the clay and that He is continually refining us for His glory and for His purpose for us. Your post was honest and eloquent and I loved every moment of reading it. Thank you so much.

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  4. The good news is that you did end up humbling yourself, and you learned and are willing to keep learning. None of us ever “arrive” at full maturity this side of heaven. We need to keep studying God’s word and letting His Spirit speak truth to our hearts through it.
    I love your list of tips! 😊

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  5. Oh yes I’ve had to eat humble pie quite a bit, but that’s progressive learning. The Bible is the only book that we can never exhaust. It will never return void, there will always be learning to be had and sometimes it’s relearning because we are prone to forget

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