Don’t Let My Death Be The Reason

The day I lost a dear grandmother in Christ I wrote this poem sorting my feelings. My letter, a letter I planned to write and send her a month ago, I had finally wrote it only a day before. It lay on the table stamped. Don’t waste time taking things and people for granted. We just do not know.

Don’t let my death be the reason

you want to speak to me now.

What was once for granted

can’t be given nohow.

Don’t let my death be the reason

you want to meet up.

There were open schedules before.

Now an empty plate and cup.

Don’t let my death be the reason

you desire to call.

Many hours slipped through,

priority walked the hall.

Don’t let my death be the reason

now you send a letter.

Instead of appreciation,

a broken spirit weathered.

Don’t let my death be the reason,

you pray to God in regret.

Take the lesson learned,

and promise not to forget.

Don’t wait until life passes

to tell the ones you love.

The things they need to hear.

The truth from up above.

Don’t wait until life passes,

for death to make you realize.

Our life is but a vapor

something we can’t rationalize.


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13 thoughts on “Don’t Let My Death Be The Reason

  1. T.R. This is very good! I see two things here. One is that this should make us all aware that we need to not drag our feet when the Lord is prompting us to do something. We need to act on what he shows us to do, even if sometimes we don’t fully understand it in the present. Sometimes it makes sense later on.

    The other thing about this is a caution against letting this turn to self-deprecation. We can’t undo what we have done. It is over. Done with. We can’t look back and say “only if” and then beat ourselves up over it. We have to forgive ourselves of our failures and then move on, hopefully wiser and more mature than we were before, and hopefully having learned the lesson we needed to learn from it.

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