Behind False Confidence: Bondage of Makeup & Fashion

Let's start this by saying wearing makeup isn't an issue. Clothes are not the issue. It's looking beneath the surface of these topics and everything we see on the outside. God looks at the heart, and today, I want us to really look at our heart, our soul, the temple of where Jesus should be. … Continue reading Behind False Confidence: Bondage of Makeup & Fashion

Community Prayer | January ’20

I'm not writing a check so I'm abbreviating 2020.  Welcome back to a new start of the year! Community Prayer started on my blog two full years ago and I thought it was time to update the image. Thank you everyone for joining me in lifting up the community and the world to our Lord, Jesus … Continue reading Community Prayer | January ’20

Without Water & Soil My Flower Bloomed (Sower Of Seeds)

Christmases have become very close to my heart. This Christmas was unique, as each one tends to be. My grandmother gifted me with an apple blossom kit. It was almost ready to start blooming soon. The way the kit is "suppose" to work out is: You soak the disk of dried soil and break it … Continue reading Without Water & Soil My Flower Bloomed (Sower Of Seeds)

The 7 Things God Hates

Adultery against Christ happens. We turn to other idols, false teachers, and false prophets. We turn to self. Last time in Proverbs, we dug into scripture about how we are to keep our Father's wisdom and instruction. Not to stray to an immoral woman (false teacher or sinner). Today in Proverbs we will continue some … Continue reading The 7 Things God Hates

Apology To My Followers

For anyone who has stuck along with this blog, I want to thank you. I have gone through so much with this blog trying to figure it out and finally decided this blog is extra.

Peeking Beneath is what does not gets on Inside Cup. It will showcase more writing pieces (or hopefully that’s what I want) and give updates on my life or share memories (again, hopefully). In addition, this is where I do talk about writing and blogging more. I have next week’s Wednesday’s post ready and I go over what to do when people disagree with you in the comments. Stay tuned next week if you are interested.

In the past, I really tried to use this blog not only for personal stories, but rants I had about topics and then trying to find ways to inspire people with poetry quotes and other things. Ehh…

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I Never Gave Myself A Break Like This In Three Years

I am officially back from visiting family for the holidays, and it's certainly felt like a whirlwind. Every time the new year comes along I can't help but reflect back. I don't know if this means 2020 will be a unique year, but it definitely started off different. Since 2017, when I've gone home for Christmas, … Continue reading I Never Gave Myself A Break Like This In Three Years