Community Spotlight | January ’20

It’s been really nice to stay more consistent with bloggers. I’ve been able to read more and comment more. However, the pressure is gone now that I realize I don’t have to read every post or every blogger.

These posts were all written in January 2020 or before. The link is shared in the title for you to click on. 

Meredith (My Way Home Life)–  Tired, Dirty, Beautiful Feet. – Beautiful means at home. What a message to take from scripture when the world we live in is so vastly different than those of the Bible. Meredith gives us a glimpse of what feet in scripture mean.

Should Christians Adopt The Phrase, “You Do You”? – Are we hiding behind our words and encouraging others to sin? Meredith explores this a bit, and I appreciate it.

(Meeting Jesus) One In Christ– If you have any questions about the Lord’s supper, communion, and how it relates to Jesus’ death as well as salvation for us this post goes over it. Very powerful!

Efua (Grace Over Pain) – The Parables Of Jesus | Introduction – I thought this was really interesting how Efua broke up the parables into three categories. Even though this is a quick overall view of what she will dive into, I learned a lot!

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Shae (Teen, Meet God)I Need Rest- Something so simple can take a lot of effort on our behalf sometimes. Shae opens up

Lily (Retrospective Lily)- How Does God Speak To You? (& Sharing My Experiences)

Olivia (Olivia in Bolivia)Week 20 Update– The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Olivia shares how she experienced both joy and loss at the same time. Continue to lift her, the Yoders, and the children’s home up in your prayers.

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Tammy (God Inspired Art) – The Birds Will Always Sing A Song- I really loved Tammy’s poem and how God spoke to her through it.

Debbie (Great Is God’s Faithfulness)God’s Mercy– When we take matters into our own hands, God is like a Father who tugs on the back of our shirt and says, “Hold on!” Debbie shares three times the Lord told her no, and how by the third she finally listened.

Sue (Run With It)Can Faith Be Seen? – Sue dived into scripture to connect how faith can be seen, and what to look for to determine if someone has faith.

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Ruth (Planted By Living Water)Thankful For Glasses And For God Giving Us Spiritual “Sight” – I enjoyed how Ruth compared her grateful for physical glasses to spiritual sight.

Sue (Walking Wounded)Aborted Life – This was an interesting comparison. Sue does talk about babies who are aborted, but then she brings up spiritual abortion and how that destroys the soul.

(Faith On The Farm)Some Thoughts On The Word Of God– This was written last summer but it’s a great post on breaking down how God can speak to anyone. The blogger spent 2 months working on the post, and you can tell. I appreciate she took her time to share her thoughts.

(Bhopper)Do Not Look Back – God truly can use all circumstances for His glory and for our good. What a powerful reminder that we should not let the past determine our future and our actions.


Which post(s) did you enjoy or would like to read?

Monthly Scripture- (NKJ) Psalm 85:02, “You have forgiven the iniquity of Your people; You have covered all their sin. Selah.” 

Community Prayer Requests | January ’20– Join us in requesting prayer, praying for each other and lifting each other up. 

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16 thoughts on “Community Spotlight | January ’20

  1. Thank you so much for these sis. For some reason as I was reading this post, the Holy Spirit laid it on my heart to pray for you. Is there anything specifically you would like me to join you in prayers for?

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    1. My husband’s co-op/intership that we need for him to get. I’ve been praying for about 2 years, and I know it is God’s timing, but this is his last year. It’s scary not knowing, and I’m trying to keep trusting Him in the uncertainity. Also, fear. Just certain situations make me more afraid than others, and I’ve been praying about that, so thank you for listening to Him. ❤

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      1. It’s interesting how the Holy Spirit works. I had just finished my devotion and I felt I needed to pray specifically for something but I didn’t know what it was. So I prayed a general prayer and thought to respond to blog comments. That was what made me see your post. As I was reading it, my heart was really heavy towards you and I believe for some reason the Holy Spirit showed me a glimpse of your kind heart towards others. Is safe to say I don’t know you other than what I see here but I believe God wants you to know that your sacrifice for His name sake is seen and acknowledged by Him. He wants you to know that you and your husband are not and will not be forsaken. Your sacrifice is going to Him as an offering and He is pleased with your kindness. I will be praying for you the whole of this month sis. You are loved dearly.💕

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      2. Thank you so much, dear sister! So the timing also…I JUST finished figuring out how many countries around the world Inside Cup has been viewed by and it’s over 150. So I was rejoicing that hopefully many people have read the truth of Jesus or were encouraged to learn more about Him. I also had the feeling to pray for those countries in which Christians are persecuted and to pray for them. That is something else you can join me in, which I know is on your heart as well. ❤ Your encouragement and kind words mean a lot, thank you so much!

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      3. Sis, I am in tears right now! I opened my Bible hoping for the Lord to speak to me and He gave me Psalm 31. It covers things I spoke to Him about today, and it also covers the saints being persecuted, the fear they have. The image that wickedness is “winning” and that their traps are catching others, yet they do not fall. I feel like God is showing me and reminding me He hears me. Thank you for seeking Him and praying.

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      4. Perfect Psalm. Ah my heart is full! I love moments like these. How good is our God! See how He directs us to the exact scriptures when we need them. I have been worshiping with the “amazing love” and I always shed tears whenever I think of God’s love. Even in these trying times, His love is covering us all including the persecuted saints. And so we pray that right now they will feel an overwhelming presence of God. They will feel the arms of Abba wrapped around them. That the peace of God that surpasses our understanding will consume their hearts in Jesus name. I am so stirred up tonight. And it makes my heart glad. Ah what a moment!

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      5. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. One thing I was praying today was that He is our light in darkness. He is the candle we hold that no one else may see. His warmth is all we need. For those being attacked for Jesus that they have courage, peace, and comfort walking forward for Him. That we also can prepare our hearts for such a time.

        I’m grateful for how He led me through the Psalm. I might write about it. 🙂

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      6. I almost feel like I’m eavesdropping here… haha. But I just wanted to say, this conversation was so encouraging and uplifting to my soul. Thank you, sisters, for loving each other and rejoicing in Jesus together. And thanks for giving everyone else a chance to share in your joy. 😄

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  2. You have given us several good places to stop by. I have read a few already but am interested in checking out a few others. Also, thank you for including my blog on communion in your highlights. My Mom’s journey through dementia brought me a deeper realization of the communion the Lord wants with us, and so many other things I’m still trying to sort through. Thanks again and God bless

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