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Where Is God In Evil?

If we “truly” had a “loving” God, then evil wouldn’t exist… This is the mindset of many people.

In Psalms, we see a few chapters dedicated to these questions. In fact, the book of Job also covers these same things. People notice how the wicked seem to prosper. Why aren’t there consequences for them?

There are, it’s just on God’s time, not ours.

Today’s Reading: Psalm Ch. 10

Verses 01-11 The chapter opens up with questioning why the Lord seems to standoff. Why does it seem in times of trouble, God is nowhere to be found?

We then see a list of characteristics of the wicked:

  • In pride, he persecutes the poor
  • Boasts of his heart’s desire
  • Blesses the greedy
  • Renounces the Lord
  • Out of proud countenance (appearance), does not seek God nor think of Him
  • Prospers quite a lot 
  • God’s judgments are out of sight
  • He sneers at his enemies
  • Believes he will not be moved
  • Believes he will never be in adversity (trouble) 
  • Speaks cursing, deceit, and oppression
  • Sits in lurking places 
  • In secret, he murders innocent
  • In secret, his eyes are fixed on the helpless 
  • He waits in secret to catch the poor in his net
  • He believes God has forgotten. God won’t see his sin.

All of these things are intimidating and can definitely make one feel helpless.


Verses 12-18 All the more reason we see the prayer that God lifts up His hand, that He will not forget the humble. Verse 13 mentions the wicked saying in his heart that God won’t have him give an account. We know this is false, as the prayer then says God sees and observes trouble and grief. He repays it by His hand. He is the father of the fatherless.

We see this plea in the prayer that God breaks the arm of the wicked and the evil man until there is none. For the Lord is the King forever and He hears the desire of the humble. He listens to the humble. He justifies those who are oppressed and fatherless until man cannot oppress any longer.

Attributes Of God in Psalm Ch. 10 

  • God observes trouble, grief, and He is not blind to it.
  • Vengeance is His. Evil will be repaid.
  • God is a helper to the fatherless and oppressed.
  • God is King forever.
  • God hears the desire of the humble.
  • God will do justice for the fatherless and oppressed.

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What To Take Away: The wages of sin is death. People are born with evil and selfish desires. We see this with babies and toddlers, it’s about ME. They have to learn there is another way to life.

Unfortunately, this world is very much about catering to the flesh. People are deceitful and very self-focused. So many things in life are geared to pleasure, what we want to happen in our life over what God desires. The encouragement to fulfill our dreams and desires. But again… these may not be the plans the Lord has for us.

The consequence of serving ourselves over Jesus is Hell. Jesus died for sin, He is our unblemished sacrifice. But if we do not partake of Him, and through Him be able to surrender sin and repent, we can’t be with Him in eternity. The result of sin is death. Choosing self is death. (This doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourselves, etc. But living your life for yourself, not Christ.) Jesus is our answer.

Jesus changes our minds, our hearts, and our souls. He helps us be loving to others in ways we couldn’t be otherwise, especially to those who hurt us. Our minds are renewed in a different way of thinking, and our lives transformed in a way to be set apart from the rest of the world.

God will have vengeance one day on those who have turned from Him. That’s what the book of Revelation is all about.

Christian Sermon: Saved Or Uncertain: The Security Of The Christian Believer by Pastor Tim Conway

Monthly Scripture- (NKJ) Psalm 85:03, “You have taken away all Your wrath; You have turned from the fierceness of Your anger.”

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