Community Prayer | March ’20

This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check-in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. Thank you!

Let’s work together on prayer by praying for each other and lifting up our needs.

Why We Need To Pray Draw Closer To God, Draw Closer To The Community, See Answered Prayers

Here are the prayer requests/updates for the month of March

GrandmaRequest For Healing– “My 49 year old nephew is having major open heart surgery tomorrow at Cleveland Clinic. It is very serious. Would you start a prayer chain for him? His name is Chuck.”

Update – Baby Finn | Finn stopped breathing and for 15 mins they worked on resuscitating. He is not acting like he was, like he isn’t there. Pray for the Lord to intervene. (Stay Up To Date– Finn’s Facebook Page) He is getting closer and closer to going home with his family. They need prayers for the person who will be helping them and essentially living with them to help take care of Finn.

Please continue to lift up this family. Pray against stress for the parents. Pray for protection and healing for this little one. He has issues with his lungs and has to go through a number of surgeries. Pray for strength for Finn.

Please pray, my grandma wants prayers, thank you!

Sue Love- Request For God’s InterventionPrayers For Family Situation

-Prayers for Nashville Tennesse, they got hit by a tornado. Prayers for all affected. 

-Prayers for victims of the coronavirus & God’s intervention 

Update | Loved By King of Kings– Request for strength – Her mom was recently in the hospital and her sister stayed with her mom. Now that her mom is back at her sister’s house, her sister as things to catch up on, continued prayer is needed. -Her mother lives with her sister and husband. They can use continuous prayers.

Update | Olivia In Bolivia (Fellow Blogger and Missionary Friend) – Some exciting changes are happening. Pray against spiritual warfare. Continue to lift up Olivia and the Yoders, and for more staff for the children’s home. Stay Up To Date By Visiting Olivia’s Blog

Linda – Request for circumstances and people in life(Paraphrase) Healing in mind, body, and spirit. Finanical help. Help for health and energy. Help with jewerly business and other crafts. Reconciliation with Melinda and bring salvation to her, Israel, Alex, Lilly, Shannon, Giles, Crystal, Josiah, and Brian. Deliver friends from works of darkness and unbelief. Help for Jenn with her jobs and her relationships. Healing for Crystal emotionally and mentally.  To have a well healthy relationship & communication with Israel and all friends and family.

Tammy- Request For Salvation Of Others– “Salvation for five of my friends. *two includes my neighbor & his daughter*.” 

Michelle – Request for husband’s niece– “My husband’s niece Alyssa needs prayers. She’s 16 and is battling a rare cancer. Her body isn’t responding to treatments any more.”

Rosario Loss of church member– Please lift up the family of a man who recently passed. He has 8 children. Pray for the Bride to step up for the family and provide. That everyone sees God’s hand at work and that peace can be upon the shoulders of all.

My Mother In Law- Request for healing and answers- Thank you for continued prayers!– She has neuropathy. She struggles a lot. Please seek the Lord for answers and healing.

A friend’s brother–  Request for someone’s brother who has schizophrenia and he needs to be uplifted. The young man is making improvements and making choices that are helping him! Continue to lift up him and his family. It is still very hard on the family, and I’m sure him as well.

Little Boy “Ben” – Request for healing, protection, guidance, role models, love – This little boy needs prayer. He has a lot of scars from his past that have damaged him greatly, causing problems for him developmentally and with others. He needs male role models, like father figures especially. These people need GREAT patience and endurance. Please pray not only for “Ben” but for those who work with him. Protection that “Ben” gets the help he needs so that he does not fall through the system. Please, considering fasting when you pray for him. Again, there is a lot working against this little boy.

Vanessa– Request For Healing– She shared with me her father received news of cancer. Please lift up this family and that they are surrounded in the peace and assurance of the Lord. That the family, and especially her father, feels the Lord every single day and in everything.

Vivian – Request for renewed sight & healing– Please pray that the Lord help Vivian. Ask for strength during this time both for Vivian and her daughter Julia. Ask that the Lord provide other means for Vivian to give her encouragement. “I would love prayer for my healing, especially my nervous system and cranial nerves from TBI.”

Sue Love & Her Husband – Request against spiritual warfare and protectionPlease ask that He reveals what is in the dark to the light. Sue requests strength, wisdom, discernment, hope, perseverance to endure what God has called her for. That she is able to trust God in her marriage. For the Lord’s conviction to be over the household.

My Request- Please pray for God’s hand in the lives of myself and my husband. That God prepares a place for my husband to have a co-op for his schooling and potentially be at a place he can work at after he graduates that is in his field. That this place of work would provide not only finances but also dental and medical. I ask for His hand on our household and finances and in my writing. Please lift up my home church as well. My pastor and the congregation. For protection, guidance, and renewal.

Remember, to pray for the lost, for the body of Christ, leaders to be strengthened, and believers to draw closer to God. We have some fellow bloggers in ministries in Italy, India, and Indonesia please remember them.

Pray for the Lord’s hand resting upon those being abused, trafficked, locked in addiction, those who feel unloved, and those suffering from illness. 

Pray for the widows, the fatherless, the poor, the hungry, and pray for your own walk with Christ. 

  • If God reached out to you during this month of prayer, please share how He reached you down below. Whether prayer was listed or not.
  • If you would like your request listed (or don’t see it listed), please comment below and let me know. If you do not want to say details just say unspoken, and I will add it. God will know what the unspoken is. 

Monthly Scripture- (NKJ) Psalm 85:03, “You have taken away all Your wrath;
You have turned from the fierceness of Your anger.”

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16 thoughts on “Community Prayer | March ’20

  1. My mom was in the hospital for a few days about a week ago. My sister had to take off work to sit with her at the hospital. Mom is back at my sister’s house and is doing better. I’m sure my sister could use prayer for playing catch-up on the things that she wasn’t able to get done while Mom was in the hospital. Thanks for all your prayers!

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  2. We lived in Nashville, TN, for 2 years and have only been gone from there 6 months. We have friends and family there, some of whom were impacted by the storm, but none of them anything critical. There is much much damage there of homes and buildings and one of our friend’s church building was destroyed. So they all need a lot of prayer.

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