5 Christian Bloggers To Check Out (4)

It’s been over six months since I last shared some bloggers to check out. Sorry! These posts take some time because I have to check out each blog and see how consistent the blogger is, as well as if they make the rules for the series. But still… it shouldn’t have taken this much of a delay! Also, the 5 Christian Teen Bloggers are up to date, no new submissions have been added that meet requirements. 

A handful of bloggers were skipped because they were not consistent with their posting. I’m looking for a mostly consistent blogger who publishes at least within the month. But there were some bloggers who were really spotty, and they didn’t make the cut.

It’s been a while since people applied for their blog to be advertised, so to those who are spotlighted today, way to go on blogging still!!! It’s really tempting to want to stop. KEEP IT UP!

I’ve added a new element, a quote from a post of each of the bloggers as well.

1. Skipping Stones

“My blog is called Skipping Stones: Musings of a Mindful Disciple. Posts usually focus on one verse or passage of scripture and how a mindful, aware, Christian can use it, either to evaluate their walk or incorporate it in their walk and thought life.”

Quote From Post Clarity“Feeling my way about that basement was, in some ways, like the call of God. I wasn’t completely sure of the next step, but I knew that I needed to take it if I was to be successful in my mission. Clarity would have been nice.”

2. Growing Thru Something 

“I am a blogger who focuses on my journey with Christ and documents the lessons I learn along my journey. My purpose was to use my passion for writing to share the wisdom that the Lord provides me as I make new discoveries about myself and the world we live in.”

Quote From Post B.E.A.C.H: Best Escape Anyone Can Have : “I know, when the times come, I will not enjoy the numbness or the journey, but I will have greater peace because I know I will come out stronger.”

3.  Mendel’s Blog

“Hello am bro George, my passion for writing started at a very tender age, I could read almost everything I saw and I began writing in books and on social media to get it out to others however I thought it wise to take my writings across the world to bless more lives. So I just started my blog this year which was aimed to throw more light on Christian issues and related Faith subjects in the light of God’s word, that is my desire to see believers to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the son of God, notwithstanding I also do write inspirational stories for individuals who have taken it upon themselves to pursue a worthy course.”

Quote From Post The Solomon Effect: Give Not Thy Strength Unto Women: “Yet, Solomon in all his wisdom was not too wise to handle the effect of having so many women around him. It was never God’s will for his life to get involved with so many women.”

4. Theist Thug Life

“I’m a Christian blogger that tries to write something pertaining to our faith from all over, ranging from Free Will to Apologetic arguments for God’s existence.”

Quote From Post Why You Shouldn’t Think Abortion Is A Constitutional Right: “If the unborn are human, we cannot justly kill them without proper justification or due process as covered by the 14th amendment, that’s it.” 

5. Life Is A Vapor

“My blog is called Life is a Vapor. My target audience includes Christians willing to be challenged to step out of their comfort zone and live an authentic, audacious Christian life. I have written on a few controversial topics that challenge believers to approach social issues from a biblical perspective as well as topics on emotional health. I also include recommended Christian books and interviews with Christian authors as well as missionaries living boldly for Christ in places like France and Cambodia (coming soon).”

Quote From Post Why Prayer Is Vital To Christians: “If our heart is set on living an abundant and fruitful life, dear believer, we must prioritize daily time in prayer.  We all know it.  But, for some reason, most of us are not totally sold out on its premise.”

-If you are interested in this series check out the requirements on this post. Christian Bloggers Wanted


Are you familiar with any of these bloggers? 

Monthly Scripture- (NKJ) Psalm 85:03, “You have taken away all Your wrath; You have turned from the fierceness of Your anger.”

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