Community Spotlight | February ’20

It is March already! I think this year has gone by a little faster than last year, and I am so grateful to be heading into spring! Let this be a time of encouragement as we look at some fellow bloggers and what they wrote in the month of February.

These blogger posts have been written in February 2020 or before. To view full blogger post click on link. 

Hannah (The Striped Plaid)How To Be A Christian Witness In High School | Practical Tips, Ideas– I really like that Hannah talked about this. It can be tough to be a Christian teen and in situations where the majority are not going to be Christians, it’s nice to have some guidelines.

Meredith (My Way Home Life)Righteous Acts Bring Righteous Thoughts – Meredith shares hows stepping forward in knowing what we need to do, despite our feeling towards it, is important.

On the spot faith– A very relatable post. I love how Meredith points out Martha experiences grow in her faith in Christ. Yet, her “on the spot faith” was not quite there. Added note: This post I’ve reflected on often throughout the past month. 

Leigh (All You Need Is Jesus)–  Love Forgives– I appreciate how Leigh is honest in sharing love is patient, but it isn’t always easy to be patient.

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Ruth (Planted By Living Waters) Thankful I Can Build On A Firm Foundation – When our foundation is in Jesus, even what was once broken He can heal and make solid.

Efua (Grace Over Pain) – Desperation Doesn’t Mean Our Request Will Be Granted – This truth isn’t the easiest especially when we have prayers we really want answered. But God’s will and timing are best. He knows better.

Sheila (Heartful Faith) – Overcoming Slander In A New And Fearless Year – I appreciate the list she gives. How do we go against fear and what do we do when people are against us?

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Pastor Winters (Wounded Yet Healed)Christian Celebrities – There are leaders who get caught up in the spotlight, money, and “rank” of who they are. Pastor Matthew points out we need to be careful and to make sure that ultimately we are fixing our eyes on Jesus, not any particular leader we might look up to.

Shae (Shae’s Days)God’s Remedies – Shae gives a list of things God provides that many of us can partake in every single day. We need these reminders for we are to give thanks in everything.


Which post looks interesting to you? Have you read any of these? 

Monthly Scripture- (NKJ) Psalm 85:03, “You have taken away all Your wrath; You have turned from the fierceness of Your anger.”

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12 thoughts on “Community Spotlight | February ’20

  1. Thanks so much T.R. for including me in your community spotlight. You are a real encouragement to many! I hope all who read these posts will find encouragement and blessing from the fine community we have here on WordPress! God bless!

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      1. Good. My eye is healing well after my cataract surgery. But the situation we are living here in Italy seems a bit surreal! But we are resting in God. He is in control!!

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      2. Thanks for thinking and praying for us. We must all pray for one another through these times. This virus is no respecter of people, nations, or places. It’s spreading everywhere.

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      3. I’ve seen that on the news. That’s a shame because panic will not help anything. Caution, yes. That’s wisdom. But then, so many people fear death, so their panic is understandable. May the Lord help us all.

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