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What Wisdom Is, What It Hates & How It Existed Before Creation

I know some think that by loving like God…that means we can’t hate. This is not true! You see, to truly love, we hate what oppresses that love. As verse 13 shares in chapter 8, the fear of God is to hate evil. The Bible constantly shows us there are things in life we are to avoid and HATE! *This never relates to individual people, but actions. This is how we can show love and compassion to others, but we do not accept wickedness. 

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In the reading for today, a lot of really interesting aspects of wisdom are covered, including creation, and how wisdom is naturally part of God.

Today’s Reading: Chapter 8 of Proverbs

Wisdom Is Like A Watchman

Verses 01-13 Wisdom is not silent. Instead, like a watchman, like someone ready to warn, she calls out. Understanding raises her voice. Wisdom takes a stand on top of a hill, where the paths meet. By the gates, the entrance to the city, she cries out that people understand prudence and to have an understanding heart. 

Wisdom speaks of excellent things and truth. Wisdom hates wickedness, it is an abomination. What she speaks is righteousness, which is not perverse or deceiving (crooked). To those who understand, the words of wisdom are plain and to those have knowledge the words of wisdom are right. Rather than the choice of gold or silver, choose to receive the instruction of wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom is better than rubies, and everything that can be desired cannot be compared with wisdom.

Wisdom dwells with prudence (caution, conservation) and finds out knowledge and discretion.

The fear of the Lord is to hate evil. (v. 13) 

Verses 14-21 Pride, arrogance, the evil way, and the perverse mouth, these things wisdom hates.

Wisdom (is):

  • counsel & sound wisdom (v.14)
  • understanding (v.14)
  • has strength (v.14)
  • riches and honor are with wisdom (v.18)
  • enduring riches and righteousness is with wisdom (v.18)
  • the fruit of wisdom is better than gold (v.19)
  • travels the way of righteousness, in the midst of justice (v.20)
  • Causes those who love wisdom to inherit wealth, that wisdom may fill treasures. (v.21) NOTE: this wealth is not speaking of money as the treasure is wisdom

Through wisdom:

  • kings reign (v.15)
  • rulers decree justice (v.15)
  • princes and nobles rule, and all judges of the earth (v.16)

Wisdom loves:

  • those who love wisdom (v.17)
  • those who seek wisdom (for they, that diligently seek, find wisdom) (v.17)


Wisdom Before The Creation Of Earth

Verses 22-31 The Lord possessed wisdom since the beginning, before His works. Wisdom was established from the everlasting. (Wisdom always existed in God) Before the earth, before depths, wisdom was brought.

God Used Wisdom When He:

  • prepared the heavens (v.27)
  • drew a circle on the face of the deep (v.27)
  • established the clouds (v.28)
  • strengthened fountains of deep (v.28)
  • assigned to the sea its limit so waters would not transgress (go beyond bounds) (v.29)
  • marked out the foundations of the earth

Wisdom is like a master craftsman to God. It is a daily delight to the Lord. Wisdom rejoices before Him, and rejoices in His world.

Keep The Instruction Of Wisdom

Verses 32-36 Those that keep the way of wisdom are blessed. We are not to ignore the instructions of wisdom. We keep the way of wisdom by watching daily at its gate and waiting at the posts of its doors. Those who find wisdom, find life and obtain favor from the Lord. But those that sin against wisdom, wrong their own soul. Those who hate wisdom love death.

What To Take Away: God is wisdom. God provides understanding. He warns us daily. He looks out for us daily like a good Father. But we have a choice to turn away from Him and His truth.

When we spend time with the Lord and His word, He helps us understand through the Holy Spirit, which is given when we fully believe in Jesus Christ. This understanding helps us see why we need righteousness. This understanding shows us why we must repent from our sins and we can do these things through Jesus. As wisdom has strength, the Holy Spirit gives us self control. We have an understanding, and a willingness, we did not have before.

God helps us discern. He helps us understand. But if we are not spending time with Him and learning from Him, we cannot grow. 


What is some insight God has given you that you did not have before?

Monthly Scripture- (NKJ) Psalm 85:03, “You have taken away all Your wrath; You have turned from the fierceness of Your anger.” 

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3 thoughts on “What Wisdom Is, What It Hates & How It Existed Before Creation

  1. I love when you days wisdom is not silent. Many times we hear wisdom described as not speaking but I have realised that underneath that statement often hides fear.


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