Quotes From YOU | March ’20

The month of March in the United States was very unique for Americans.

We began to take COVID-19 seriously and many states, as well as the president, put emphasis and measures in place. As you’ll see, many bloggers around the world were writing about what God was revealing to them during this time of isolation and change in routine. I hope what they say gives glory to God and ministers to you.

All of these quotes are from posts of the bloggers (see hyperlink). They were written in March 2020 or before. 

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“I know it’s hard to be like Jesus all the time. But being a poor representation of God and his name is wrong!” Shae (Teen Meet God) 

“In all, I want to spend enough time with my Father that my heart and soul feel refreshed. When I do, my body relaxes, my mood lifts, and my mind calms… I realize that the busier my day will be, the more time I need to spend in my devotions – not less. ” Meredith (My Way Home Life) 

“I’m going to have trials, yes I’m going to have hardships as a Christian but I am continuing to seek after God.” Leigh (All You Need Is Jesus)

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“Choose gratitude. Rather than being angry with God, I need to dwell in the hope and peace He offers in the good seasons and the bad, too.” Lily (Retrospective Lily)

“Those are all just ordinary things, fragments of my normal life that I often take for granted. But I appreciate them so much more when something disrupts the status quo.” Meredith (My Way Home Life) 

“I felt the Lord was telling me that I had been placing more importance on the deadlines then I had been on Him. In essence I was idolizing deadlines. Notice, I’m not saying that we should not try to meet deadlines, but what I kept on forgetting to do was to ask the Lord to help me through each step of meeting the deadlines.” Ruth (Planted By Living Water)

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“Folks, we don’t have to learn ancient Hebrew to read it (although there’s a much greater depth to it in Hebrew than English can fully capture). We don’t even have to read it at all. We can open the Bible app and have a stranger read it to us. We have no real excuses!” Heather (Running The Race) 

“I understand the frustration that comes with not seeing an immediate result. Sometimes it isn’t about what we are doing wrong. It is just that the season of harvest isn’t ripe. Your witness may be weak and your efforts may seem to influence a few. You might have 10 followers on your blog despite all your effort. But the word of God is a powerful growth agent.” Efua (Grace Over Pain)

“Just as cars are not built to always speed, we are not made to sustain a hectic, frenetic lifestyle long-term. As the Psalmist says we also need to stop and “be still to know that the Lord is God,” (Psalm 46:10).” Sheila (Small Town Straniera)

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What quote stood out to you? 

Monthly Scripture- (NKJ) Psalm 85:04, “Restore us, O God of our salvation, and cause Your anger toward us to cease.”

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