2020’s Scripture For Inside Cup & Its Connection To What’s Happening

Clarification I am not saying God inspired me, told me, or gave me personally this scripture. I like picking scripture and was grateful to find this.

I have a few posts I’ve been meaning to reflect on regarding last year (is it too late now?). One of them relates to the monthly scriptures I picked for this year.

On New Year’s Eve 2019 I wanted scripture that I could pray through right before the new year. That’s when I opened my Bible and discovered Psalm 85. I’ve read through this chapter a few times prior, but that night, I was reading it with new eyes!

It was beyond perfect on how the verses cover things we should be praying for regarding a new year. Here is the breakdown of the year. Regarding our year currently with COVID-19 I just want you to see how verses 01-04 relate to us and how the later verses should point us to go to Jesus. It’s incredible! Remember, I chose this BEFORE the new year. 

  • Thanking Him for what’s He’s already done. (verses 01-03) – January thru March 
  • Asking for restoration (verse 04) April
  • Asking the Lord how long His anger will last, we all have seasons of this (verse 05) May
  • Pleading again God revives us so that His people rejoice in Him (verse 06) June
  • Asking the Lord to show us mercy and grant us salvation (verse 07) July
  • Listening to God’s words because He is peace, and people should not turn back to sin. (verse 08) August 
  • Believing His salvation is near to those who fear Him, that glory dwells in our land. (verse 09) September 
  • Mercy and truth meet together. Righteousness and peace have kissed. Truth springs from the earth and the righteousness looks down from Heaven. (verses 10-11) October 
  • God gives what is good, land yields increase. (verse 12) November 
  • Righteousness makes His footsteps our path. (verse 13) December 


Are We Living A Defiled Life? 

I’m not saying that by the end of this year everything dealing with COVID-19 will be different and easier. I don’t know that, and I don’t have that authority. But what I do think these first four verses point to is that we do not forget what God has already led us through. That we continue to seek Him and analyze our life. What are we devoting our time to?

It’s convicting to write because I’m not blameless in this. 

Ponder these questions:

  1. What is our prayer life like?
  2. How often do we worship?
  3. How often are we reading the Bible?
  4. Are we fellowshipping with others? *Email, phone calls, Video chats, 6 ft distance, dropping off goods on doorsteps, text message, commenting on blog posts, videos, doing devotionals together (check out YouVersion they have tons of free plans you can add people to and do together), etc. There are many ways to interact with fellow brothers and sisters.  
  5. Are we learning from trusted shepherds who direct us to the cross and Jesus? This can be done through home churches using online resources. Also, there are a number of Christian pastor YouTubers, pastor bloggers, etc. I think every time I listen to Paul Washer I’m convicted. Here is a piece of a sermon I listened to recently: Religion That Sends You To Hell by Paul Washer. 
  6. Following that sermon ^^ is our life defiled? Are we offering God tainted things? Do we give Him a small portion of time and we keep the rest for ourselves? Are we truly capturing every thought? Are we dying to the flesh or exposing ourselves to it, media, books, influences, etc? Are we listening things pleasing and itching to our ears like gossip or cursing/blasphemies that corrupt us?

Do Not Be At Ease When This Is Over

This is something to consider. Psalm 85 is titled “Prayer That The Lord Will Restore Favor To The Land.” God can restore circumstances, but please do not rest easy in this title because it’s so easy to twist this and make it about ourselves. I’ll tell you this. Everything could appear peaceful and go “right” in the land and we still have a defiled heart. At the end of the day, a defiled heart still goes straight to Hell no matter how secure or confident we feel. No matter how much ease we feel in life, if Jesus is not the center and we have no fruit in Him, we will be stripped from false security and thrown into fire. (Psalm 73:12)

Restoring the land means God will be glorified, and those who have rejected Him and thrown into the fire is GLORY to God! His judgments are righteous and we rejoice in His righteousness! We worship those judgments! (Psalm 64, 76, 109, 119:137-144, 140, Revelation16:05-07) Restoring the land isn’t about us. It’s about Him!

Seek Christ! Believe in Him! Through Christ, we are convicted and can repent. Through Jesus alone, we have the authority and ability to turn away from sin and the flesh of this world. We must be in His presence daily. We must worship at His feet.

Monthly Scripture- (NKJ) Psalm 85:04, “Restore us, O God of our salvation, and cause Your anger toward us to cease.”

Monthly Community Prayer– April 2020– Join us in praying for one another, if you have requests let me know 

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14 thoughts on “2020’s Scripture For Inside Cup & Its Connection To What’s Happening

      1. Jesus is the Author of faith. Through Him alone I can repent, be transformed, give up sin, be set apart. It’s not blind faith or belief. There are anchors in scripture, in history, in my life, and in the testimony of so many others that talk of God and our Savior. The birds singing outside is part of His power and creation. He truly is everywhere. He is mighty to save!

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