My Mom Taught Me The Resurrection Using Cookies

Recently, I have been reflecting on something my mom used to do when I was little. The night before Easter she would illustrate Jesus’ arrest, flogging, dying on the cross, and His resurrection with cookies. I don’t actually have many memories regarding the process of making the cookies. But I do have some glimpses of sunshine pouring through our kitchen window, with the oven door opened, tape removed.

And cookies that were hollow inside.

I meant to talk about this last year but did not get around to it. With the night before Resurrection Day, I wanted to share the recipe and its special meaning.

You can view the recipe here. But these are the overall points of going through the steps.

  • The nuts help illustrate Christ was beaten after He was arrested.
  • Vinegar shows this is what Jesus drank on the cross.
  • Eggs represent the life Jesus gave for our sins.
  • Salt represents the tears cried and bitterness of our sin.
  • Sugar shows the sweet promise of God’s love through Jesus.
  • Stiff white peaks show how people can become pure in the eyes of God through what Jesus did for us (and I’d add how the Holy Spirit, which is a gift from Jesus, can help us then repent from sin and continue to grow in righteousness.) 
  • The drops of cookies to the sheet represent the tomb.
  • Tape is placed on the oven door to show the tomb was closed off.
  • The next morning, upon opening the oven (my mom would open it prior) take a cookie and notice how it is hollow on the inside, just like Christ’s tomb.

Of course, there is a way to be a little more in-depth with kids, like explaining the promise of the Holy Spirit, and how Jesus helps us understand and know sin. He helps convict us and He helps us turn away from our sinful life. We can only do these things because of what He did on the cross, and that’s powerful!

I hope this memory can bless you and remind you of what He suffered for us, and how His suffering gave glory to God.


Does your family have any similar traditions in remembering what Jesus went through?

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