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Why Are We Fearful When We Have The Lord?

In the midst of COVID-19, these chapters today are such a reminder that God is bigger than what we fear and what is in the world. As today is a day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus may we be reminded that our strength is in Christ.

Today’s Reading: Chapter 11, 12, and 13 

Chapter 11- Faith In God’s Righteousness

Verses 01-03 pose the question, “Why are we fearful when we put our trust in God even if evil surrounds us?”

Verses 04-07 answer that God sees everything. He tests the sons of men, and He tests the righteous ones. But He hates wickedness and the wicked have their reward, which is punishment. God loves righteousness and therefore His countenance upholds the upright.

Chapter 12 -The Godly Man Ceases

Verses 01-04 A cry out for the Lord because those who are godly are not many. Instead many people speak with flattering lips and a double (hypocritical) heart. This prayer is that those who speak idly with flattering lips are cut off because these speakers are prideful and they think that with their words they will prevail.

Verses 05-08 God hears the oppression of the poor and needy. His words are pure and compared to silver tried in a furnace that is purified seven times. Though the wicked prowl on every side God is our safety.

Chapter 13- How Long Will The Enemy Be Exalted? Trusting In God. 

Verses 01-04 question the Lord. How long must I wait, David asks. How long will the enemy prevail? David is sorrowful and he asks for the Lord to open his eyes to the truth. He doesn’t want his enemy to rejoice in knowing that David is troubled.

Verses 05-06 are similar to Jeremiah in Lamentations. David reminds himself that his trust is in God and His mercy. That his heart rejoices in God’s salvation. He will sing to the Lord because God has dealt bountifully with him.

Chapters 11-13 | Attributes Of God

  • He is trusting
  • God sees everything that happens
  • God tests the righteous
  • God hates the wicked and those who love violence
  • Upon the wicked, He rains coals, fire, brimstone, and a burning wind
  • He loves righteousness
  • He upholds the right
  • God cares for the oppression of the poor and needy
  • His words are pure
  • He is merciful
  • He gives salvation

What To Take Away: The time I write this COVID-19 is very much taking over the whole world. It has changed lives. It has stripped us from the illusion of control and shown us how helpless we really are. Many wonder where is the Lord during this time? But the truth is He has never left. We are the ones who thought we had more control than we actually did.

It is clear that God wants to strengthen His people through trials. He wants us to be refined in the same way His words are pure, silver purified seven times. Our strength and our trust need to be in Him, not in ourselves, and not in the world. Despite uncertainty and evil, God’s eye is on the sparrow. He is watching, and He is not blind.

The Lord can use all things for His good, and we must turn to Him. Jesus is our answer. He died for us that we may die to sin. He transforms us from the inside out. We can grow in Christ and we can learn to let go of our fear and worry because Jesus needs to be our anchor. The time is now.


How do we keep our eyes on Him? Share scripture 🙂

Monthly Scripture- (NKJ) Psalm 85:04, “Restore us, O God of our salvation, and cause Your anger toward us to cease.”

Monthly Community Prayer– April 2020– Join us in praying for one another, if you have requests let me know 

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11 thoughts on “Why Are We Fearful When We Have The Lord?

    1. I have made a page for Christian Bloggers covering all the Christian Blogger posts I’ve written up to help others.

      You can view the page here:

      I do have a few posts on stats/audience but I recommend for Christian Bloggers not to be so much focused on numbers. The reason being it’s really easy to get sidetracked. Our focus goes from Jesus to numbers.

      Use this time to harness your skills. Meet the community, reach out to other Christian Bloggers, comment on their posts and talk about their posts. What you liked, etc. Share your stuff on social media. Keep pointing to Jesus.

      Every single individual is important, and stats sadly can blur that, so just be careful you don’t fall into that trap 🙂

      I hope you find a post that helps you!!!

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      1. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! Your absolutely right I should be focusing less on the numbers and more on what God wants to do with my blog! Thanks for the reminder to leave that in His hands! 😄

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s really hard!!! It’s tempting to look at others, compare, and wonder why the Lord isn’t allowing more engagement. I’ve been there. The sad thing is even when my stats were higher than usual… I wasn’t thankful because my eyes were just focused on numbers. If it wasn’t the amount of people visiting my blog, then it was… why aren’t more people commenting… Numbers divides us. It creates division.

        I’ve looked at bloggers I admired for stats only to realize when they had an abundance of followers and comments coming in… it wasn’t enough to them. That’s when God showed me if I focus on numbers than it won’t matter how much I grow, I’ll still take things for granted. Just like bloggers who have more than me and it’s not enough for them, either.

        I remember when I had less than 12 followers and right then in that moment it felt like God was saying REMEMBER THIS! But it wasn’t about numbers, it was about writing for Him. That’s what it needs to be.

        There are things I’ve written in the past that I am GLAD fewer people didn’t see. I needed to grow more and God knew that. Everything we go through, God knows, and He knows the future, too! 🙂 Everything has a purpose.

        May you be encouraged in the light of Jesus and keep following Him!!!

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      3. Your honestly so sweet! Thank you so much! I pray that God continues to bless you in all that your trying to do for Him, you truly have a way with words, thanks for taking the time to encourage me today, it’s amazing the ways that God will provide for us to be able to help each other, especially with everything that’s going on right now! 😄

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      4. Praise the Lord!!! I’m so glad you are encouraged 🙂 I truly believe the Holy Spirit ministers through me and He helps me find wording because on my own, I’m nothing. I’m so glad He helped me find words that spoke to you.

        Yes, especially in a time like this, we need those reminders that God is still God. He hasn’t never changed, and circumstances like this only remind us to keep turning to Him and be there for the body. 🙂


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