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Working On Clarifying Some Misunderstandings From Last Week

This past week I have been spending a lot of time in the Bible. I’ve been trying to figure out all I need to say about the things I want to clarify in last week’s post: What Is Godly/Holy Living | Am I Living A Defiled Life?

God has been giving me multiple scriptures to support where I was led in the post, but He’s helped me understand the perspective of why some might struggle with the post as well. I have a lot I want to cover, and I already had a post written. But it just wasn’t enough for me to have it written. I needed more and I wanted to be grounded better.

So, I prayed.

I prayed for Him to direct me with multiple scripture and sound teachers. For the past three straight days He has continued to do just that.

So here is a snippet of what I want to cover and what I realize:

  1. People are confusing holiness living and sanctification topics on my blog for promoting legalism. I’m going to try to make sure I have other scripture that explains we are sinners, and that believers sin. This is an issue I’ve had since 2017, it might relate to topics with the assumptions that tend to go with them.
  2. We can receive salvation through belief in faith in Jesus alone. I say this in my posts and somehow it gets ignored. But this doesn’t mean because of grace we continue to sin (Romans 6). This doesn’t mean we’re perfect (flawless without sin) either, but through the Holy Spirit He helps renew our minds, we grow in Him, and we continue to become sanctified. Not being perfect doesn’t mean we fall from salvation, rather, we are striving (daily) for a sanctified life that only comes from Jesus justifying us, and we see the fruit of it in our lives, a transformation.
  3. Because of this, I want to clarify and continue to make sure people understand that repentance IS STILL NEEDED! The Lord’s Prayer talks about how we need to pray for forgiveness of our sins. The book of Psalms tells us we have secret sin we aren’t even aware of, and should pray about.
  4. A huge reason I go into specifics about analyzing our lives and possible sin in our lives is so we are directed to Jesus. We can repent of our sin through Jesus, and altogether grow more in Christ (this doesn’t mean repentance is what causes salvation, but after we receive Jesus repentance is something that comes out of that and continues to come out of living a new life in Him.) Salvation and repentance of sins are cohesive. They work together because of what Jesus did on the cross. Through Him, we CAN repent and fully turn away from sin. This doesn’t mean we have no sinful thoughts or struggles at all, but nonetheless, we can turn from sin through true repentance!There are many false believers because they are under false teachings. They do not see the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their life. They never truly sought Jesus and followed Him. They have sin in their life they never truly repented from because they do not have the Savior.
  5. If people feel convicted because they are committing a sin that I discuss in my posts, I do not apologize, and all the more reason to please go to Jesus! Look at what scripture says about the sin. In order to truly endure temptation, we have to be picking up the armor of God and wear it correctly, and we cannot do that without accepting and believing in our Savior Jesus Christ first! 

We need to stop allowing snares and roadblocks in our lives that hinder us from getting closer to Jesus and be willing to look at what might be hindering our focus to Jesus in our life, even if we don’t want to give it up. I’ve shared my struggle with sin for this reason, and why I don’t want others to waste this precious time in their life not having a true gaze on Jesus.

Holiness and sanctification are not what leads to salvation, rather, salvation opens our eyes to what is holy and what is not. 

Okay, that’s as short as a summary I can muster. I really am learning a lot. I understand the importance to make sure people are not misunderstanding holiness and sanctification for legalism.

I’m trying, and I’m not going to give up. ❤


25 thoughts on “Working On Clarifying Some Misunderstandings From Last Week

  1. There is a difference between holiness and sanctification. Sanctification is once and done because nothing we do can ever make us be sanctified. It is a grave gift given to us at the point of salvation. Holiness on the other hand, is a continuous process (how we live our lives)


    1. I’ve never heard that before, but I see what you are saying regarding Christ paid the price for us, we can’t do it on our own. I agree that He did that. Definitely something to study about sanctification and what it means to be sanctified. I have thought Jesus leads us to perfection and He sanctifies us along the way, helping us turn from sins and repent, etc. So the transformation is all Him, even though He is helping us do things, it’s not that we do them on our own.

      Can you share scripture that shows what you’re talking about with sanctification 🙂

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      1. I was saying justification in my head and typing sanctification with my fingers😂😂. Sorry. Please swap the word “justification” for “sanctification”.

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      1. Gotcha! So I was learning how sanctification is broken into three ways. We are justified because Jesus sanctifies us. Progressive sanctification through Jesus helps us mature and rule over sin. And our final sanctification is when we no longer are in the presence of sin at all! Wow! I am actually grateful for your mistake because I didn’t realize the amazing depth of sanctification ❤

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      2. I don’t see a response to this. I have your responses about how you meant justification and not sanctification. But before that, I did some research and this response covered some of the research I found, showing sanctification in past, present, and future in the Christian life. Really neat!

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  2. I have just started reading your blog today and i can’t even say how i stumbled on it and with what i have read so far, i have been truly blessed and have learned a few things. The misunderstanding of scriptures is what has/is affecting a lot of believers today and i dare say genuine ones who want to grow but have just found themselves under false teachings. Holiness is one topic that is fast leaving teachings of Jesus.

    Thank you for this and may God continue to open our eyes to the truth of His word and His expectations from us His children.

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  3. I haven’t read the other post you mentioned in this post but I will now. This post however is really good. Thanks for taking time to write this. Very encouraging and edifying and convicting. God bless.

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  4. Good stuff for sure. I recently realized that the book I’m writing needs to change direction a bit. I’m nearly through the first draft, but as I edit, I’m going to focus more on sanctification. We have a lot of salvation stories, but not a lot of sanctification stories.

    I love this clarification, TR! Don’t be discouraged. Write as the Holy Spirit directs you to write, and always pray for a humble heart. Our walk with the Lord isn’t supposed to be comfortable and never rub the wrong way! I’m honestly thankful for conviction because I don’t want to dishonor God with sin I am unaware of. If He convicts someone through something you wrote, that’s a GOOD thing! ❤ ❤

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  5. Great clarification to untangle salvation in Christ alone from sanctification or holy living. My thoughts on living holy have drastically changed over the last decade. I’m content now to confess that I’m a sinner, rejoice in the work of Christ crucified and risen, and let God move as He wills in my life. It sounds lazy but it’s the Christian life. I have enjoyed dramatic peace and a strange ability to work out of this peace that I never possessed when I was trying to be “good”. This is a great topic for every Christian to wrestle with.


  6. 👏 Admire your desire to accurately teach the truth of the Word, something every believer who proclaims Jesus as their Lord and Savior should desire as well. Repentance is not a topic most like to cover because then it would expose us ALL as inherently sinful beings! All the more to thank God for His son Jesus whom by His Spirit we are able to walk in righteousness! 🙌
    Remember the Pharisees hated Jesus for exposing their religious charade? Keep teaching and proclaiming God’s Word!!

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement! It is eye opening to see there is a lot to learn and be better grounded in. Trying to show others how the scripture connects takes time, and I’m so grateful Jesus is patient and helps us grow in Him and His truth! I hope what He has shown me will help others, but moreso, that He takes the spotlight and ministers to them so they desire Him more. It’s humbling to keep seeing how much I fall short, and how much this is all about Jesus.

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