My Journey With Christ | Christian Poem

When my mind wanders

as it had before.

When the whispers linger

right at my heart’s door.

When the floor felt like

it would fall beneath me.

When my world shattered

You were there for me.

You stood by

when the witches appeared.

You heard my cries

when I was torn down inside.

Yet, I…

yet I didn’t see You.

Yet, I…

yet I didn’t hear You.

I read Your word.

I said my prayers.

But You didn’t draw close.

Lord, Lord…

I wasn’t walking by the Spirit.

Half of my flesh I kept to myself.

How could I see You

with half-glazed eyes?

I grew little by little,

but, oh how weak,

my roots were sown into You.

Drifting, drifting in sand…

My foundation… was mine, not Yours.

A half-broken rock, the other of sand.

I heard, yet couldn’t.

With closed off ears.

The years that were wasted.

Torn between two masters.

I thought I knew sanctification,

but knowledge is half of it.

Then I longed to retreat

back to my youthful days.

Restore me, O God,

and show me Your ways.

Oh, how little I knew.

For even in my youth,

sin was reigning mightily,

choking my roots.

You have another way.

That was the first lesson I received.

That way is of the Spirit,

that’s how we see and believe.

For we hope for what we don’t have.

We see what is pure and eternal.

Yes, it’s not in front of our eyes,

but our sight is internal.

The renewing of the mind,

which comes from the washing of sins.

Water of blood wine,

one sip, and we never thirst again.

O, Jesus! Lord, why did I place You so low?

I thought to only pray to God,

not realizing fully,

the Father and Son are!



So weak was my understanding!

So prideful was my heart!

I couldn’t give up sin

because I wasn’t walking with You from the start!

Your presence in prayer.

Your presence in Your word.

I didn’t need signs, emotions, or symbols.

You, You alone, just You.

I began to seek with a desire,

deeper than before.

A thirst for righteousness was planted

one like never before.

When my world shattered again,

You were there.

And I saw You!

And I heard You!

Your words lifted from the page

and spoke into my heart.

I felt strength, not my own.

It was then I realized that You are home!

When the witches entered

and my mind began to terrify.

I saw a lion rush in front roaring,

and it calmed my mind’s eye.

When the whispers entered

and echoed in my ear.

Your Spirit pointed to righteousness,

and testified HE is near!

How utterly wretched am I!

My best is filthy rags!

Yet, I see the blood dripping on that cross

and an open tomb accounted for my loss!

I am justified!

I am cleansed!

I am being sanctified!


My glory is Yours!

It testifies of Your redemption!

I am understanding

the “foolishness” of Your wisdom!

Oh, how little I once knew.

How much wood and hay I laid

upon the foundation before You.

A fire to consume of all days.

Yet now, a precious gem

has been given to me.

I can place it before You,

and it will stand the fire of eternity.

To learn about about Jesus become our atonement and redeeming us please see: Why Did A Loving God Kill His Son? (Does God Hate?)

Scripture References In Order Of Appearance:

Monthly Scripture – (NKJ) Psalm 85:05-06, “Will You be angry with us forever? Will You prolong Your anger to all generations? Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?” 

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20 thoughts on “My Journey With Christ | Christian Poem

    1. It took a while, but I really felt the scripture is more important than the poem and it’s His truth ❤ people have the choice to see it. I'm glad He ministered to me with scripture and I'm grateful He continues to teach me through His word. ❤ It was powerful!

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  1. The learning, the understanding, the sanctification are grown in life’s journey from new birth to the day we meet the Savior face to face. He keeps us. So thankful, I appreciate your post. It is a good description of that journey.

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