A Lot of Us Do Not Really Know Why We Believe

Growing up as a Christian teen, many people around me couldn’t talk to me about the topics I wanted to discuss. Instead of in-depth answers, I received maybe one to two sentences. Due to the short answers and sometimes blank stares, I became puffed up thinking I “knew so much.” Regardless of what I knew in the past and the studying I had done, I see now I knew so little. My motto this whole year has been, “Wow, I thought I knew so much and I didn’t.”

Honestly, it was a bit humbling to admit. I couldn’t answer a lot of basic questions people have regarding Christianity, and that should be a red flag for any Christian. We might not have these types of questions for our own faith, but others do.

I didn’t know how to properly reach followers of other false teachings. I thought sharing scripture honestly was enough, but it’s not to someone who doesn’t believe the scripture is true. One must be persuaded to TRUST scripture before one starts to actually believe it.  


Many Of Us Walk With A Blind Faith 

This is very concerning to me because I am realizing why so many fall away. Why so many Christians truly have “blind faith.” Most of us don’t really know what we’re talking about. We have basic answers and think that’s enough but when trials come (as the Sower of Seeds parable shows us) we fall away because we are not rooted. Many think they already have a foundation rooted in Jesus Christ, but when troubles come it is revealed their foundation is actually made of sand. (Matthew 7:26, 12:19-23)

Faith isn’t blind, rather, faith comes from evidence. God proved Himself multiple times in the Bible. The Old Testament He used plagues. Elijah proved that Baal was a false god, and God was the REAL GOD! God consumed the water with His fire. The evidence of Jesus Christ living is clear in our history books, Roman books, etc. His crucifixion is discussed. His resurrection is discussed. Jesus being a living human (supported by history) who fulfilled what the Old Testament prophesied about Him is quite impressive! (Hebrews 11:01)

Here’s some perspective, we go from a Man we didn’t think existed to seeing even history proves Him and He fulfills what the Old Testament said about Him. For a “book” and a Man we once didnt believe in this is quite interesting!

For some people knowing little is enough for them, and having basic answers is still a wonderful start to our study, please do not misunderstand. What most people know is what kids to preteens know from Sunday School. I think this is why many Christian teens fall from faith because they do not actually know what they claim to believe in, rather, they ride the skirt tails of their parents. This is a major problem! 

We tend to not desire to branch out in our knowledge. We do not study like we should. Most of us can’t answer why is there evil in the world and give a more in-depth answer than just saying sin.

For a nonbeliever this answer is not good enough because that answer requires the listener to believe sin exists, and they would have to accept that the God of Christianity exists, they would have to believe that there is a Creator at work. We need to be able to break these topics down and be fully grounded so we can point out the truth better. This doesn’t mean avoid using scripture, but knowing how to answer people and use other sources to show how everything points to the truth of the Bible! Believe it or not, yes, many sources and the world itself, the nature of humans, points to a Creator, and a Savior named Jesus Christ! 

I used to think if I couldn’t reach people it was like hitting a brick wall, and I’m not saying this still doesn’t happen (I have a lot to learn!). However, I do admit I didn’t know enough, and there are good questions we should be able to answer. Questions most people are not going to study in Sunday School or in most sermons.

  • Why all the violence in the Old Testament when God tells people not to murder?
  • If God is so loving, why is there evil, and why would He have His Son be killed and delight in that?
  • Why are some books in the Bible and others are not?
  • Why are some books referenced in the Bible that are not cannon?
  • Why are pagans referenced as sources in some scriptures?
  • How is Jesus God if He is God’s Son? Who did He pray to in the garden, Himself?
  • How can you have a Sovereign God and people have free-will?
  • What about predestination and the elect?
  • Which religion is true and how can I trust it?
  • Aren’t Jehovah’s Witnesses & Mormons Christians, too?
  • Hasn’t the Bible lost translation as it passes language to language?
  • Why does scripture contradict itself?
  • God still speaks beyond the Bible why should I trust the Bible only?

These are just a few of the questions being asked today, and I’ve seen previous Christian bloggers in this community fall away from some of the questions listed. I’m learning better how to answer these questions and I’d like to cover them on this blog eventually.


We Misunderstand Scripture & Use It Improperly

In learning about false teachings and false doctrines, I have come to understand scripture more clearly because I’ve seen how easily people twist it and take it out of context. Even as a Christian blogger, I know the temptation to select random verses that prove my point, but not look at the indivdual context for each verse. Who is the audience? What is being talked about? Is this referenced elsewhere for further context?

We need to be willing to admit we do not know as much as we think, we can always learn more. We need to be aware that telling someone they are wrong and handing them scripture to prove them wrong may not be enough because we cannot assume this indivdual will suddenly believe there is a Creator, morals come from Him, and when we stray from His plan evil enters. There needs to be more effort on our part to be willing to discuss, break down the questions/thoughts of another respectfully while giving information, thought-provoking questions maybe they haven’t thought of, and then showing the Bible does contain the answer. Believe it or not, our world has tons of evidence that POINTS TO THE BIBLE! (Romans 1:19)

If we cannot understand the perspective of where someone else is coming from, what they believe to be true, and we absentmindedly think JUST sharing scripture is magically going to change them, we are ignorant. Now, hearing the word of God can help and plant seeds, but if this is how we respond to others it’s a one-sided conversation. We might be looked upon as arrogant or stuck up, though that is not our intention. We might be thought of as an apostate to that person (not knowing how to reach this person with their matierals first). They might pity us because we do not know “the truth” in their eyes.

For anyone who has come from a cult teaching, you know what it is like to have the yarn around you become unraveled. Your whole world can be shaken. It’s not an easy experience to go through and many people turn away and become atheists because of the horrible deception these false teachings cause.

We need to be willing to love others properly and be ready, and willing, to answer the tough questions.

Know why you believe and know it very well ❤

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Monthly Scripture – (NKJ) Psalm 85:08, “I will hear what God the Lord will speak, for He will speak peace to His people and to His saints; but let them not turn back to folly.”

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