Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Battle Of Spirit & Flesh (Groans & Grunts)| Christian Poem

All to Jesus

I surrender.

The words whisper

in my spirit.


Yet, my flesh is angry

and screams, “BUT THIS IS MINE!”

The battle begins

and the lines are intertwined.


One moves forward

another pushed back.

The winner changes

and within seconds advances.


Fear charges to bound my hands.

Trust thursts the sword down through rope’s fear.

They are broken,

and immediately new ones appear.


Joy fights gallantly

while Doubt grins wickedly.

The lines continue to be drawn.

Each crossing into the other’s territory.


Smudges, blots, corrections.

Swords clash amidst groans and grunts.

Screams of the enemy,

mixed with the cries of Holy matrimony.


The battle is me.

The battle is you.

The Lamb is coming

what will you do?


I can’t imagine what spiritual warfare looks like physically. All the lies and whispers. Yet, I can’t imagine what amazing love the Father shows us as Jesus transforms us through His Holy Spirit, either. We must wear the armor of God at all times so that we are prepared for battle. When an attack starts, if we are not prepared that very second, we will easily be subdued. 

Community Prayer for July 2020

Monthly Scripture – (NKJ) Psalm 85:09, “Surely His salvation is near to those who fear Him, That glory may dwell in our land.”

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