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Secret Project I’ve Been Working On Since June…

As I have shared in a recent blog post | Can Women Teach On A Blog That Men Read? women teaching and instructing other women is really important. In seeing the need, I have been working on a special project.

I am making a third blog, and the purpose is to have posts directed more to women. However, that does not mean the topic of women is suddenly going to be woven into every single scripture discussed. Rather, looking at attributes of Biblical women, topics for wives, single ladies, Christian teen girls, and some other posts as well. Some posts may relate to men, too, as I’m sure men still struggle with envy, pride, and anger but the audience is certainly directed at women.Β 

There are many topics I want to cover on Inside Cup, and having a side blog to help with some of those topics/series will make managing all the posts I would like to cover easier.Β 

The plan is to have 10 posts published when the blog is ready, and another 10 posts scheduled to get me 2 1/2 months ahead. Yes, this blog will only have 1 (scheduled) post per week. This allows me plenty of time to continue to get ahead for Inside Cup and the new blog as well.

A sneak peek and tagline for my blog is this:

Submission Does Not Have To Be A Bad Thing

In the coming weeks, I hope to discuss more. πŸ™‚



11 thoughts on “Secret Project I’ve Been Working On Since June…

    1. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— oh man, if you want material this Thursday is my first Christian Apolgetics post. It’s pretty in depth 😊

      I am glad that you look forward to the blog!! 😊😊


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