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I know a number of readers were sad to see the Community Spotlight series go, and I mentioned that I planned to have something else instead. This series allows me to focus on one post, and possibly in the future, a sermon, a YouTube video, or article from Christians.

The post I want to recommend today is from Michelle Lesley. She is a well respected Christian Woman whose work has been very helpful to me. If you have questions about false teachers, she does a wonderful job in researching many of them and is quite respectful in her manner of sharing why someone is a false teacher. She covers topics for Christian women.

One post of hers made me take a step back before tossing books away that weren’t Biblical under her suggestion that either we burn those books OR we critique the book throughout in pen should someone find the book in the trash. On Michelle’s blog, you will be encouraged to hold everything in light of scripture.

The post I want to share today relates to false teaching, something I have become greatly concerned about within the past year.

Throwback Thursday ~ Four Reasons Why It Matters Who We Share, Pin, and Re-Tweet

This post shows the great importance of why we need to care about false teaching. Michelle makes the point if someone is speaking slander of one of our own loved ones how would we react to that? Jesus’ name is being pulled through the mud as she says, and others who might look up to us as Biblcally sound could use what we promote as ways to try to seek the truth.

The problem happens when we promote others who are not sound, and someone who has no knowledge on scripture see our recommendation and thinks, “This person must be okay,” and then goes down a path of unbiblical truth and not knowing the true Gospel while thinking they are a Christian.

Michelle has a very compelling list of scriptures and reasons for being aware of who we promote, why false teachers need to be rebuked and warned against, and why we need to care very deeply for the eternal consequences of everything we share to those who view it.

Our actions can have a domino effect.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pray for false teachers, we need to keep praying for false teachers, and we need to care about leading someone down a path that leads to Hell, too.

Monthly Scripture – (NKJ) Psalm 85:10, “Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other.”

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2 thoughts on “Christian Post I’d Recommend

  1. I like this a lot! I’ve also come up with something quite similar where I’ll share testimonies and YouTubers with sound scripture knowledge. However, this aspect is not the focus on the blog at the moment, so it’s sitting in drafts. I’ll visit the recommended link now.

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    1. Same! One issue I was running into in the past is people thought my blog was about community spotlights even though I had 2 posts a month compared to the other 20 posts a month. And I did not want to mislead anyone, my blog is about drawing closer to Christ, it’s not about getting a spotlight. I think I was doing a disservice by not being able to research the people I was promoting as well as I would have liked. This series allows me to do just that. I hope you enjoy Michelle’s post! I have enjoyed a lot of her posts and I hope to soon listen to some of her podcasts.


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