The Sinful Donut (Christian Poem)

“It’s like you fill the empty

with more empty,”

he said, pondering.

And this got me to wondering.

That’s a bit heavy,

kinda hard to swallow.

Oh! I got it!

It’s like a donut of today and tomorrow!

The outside is beautiful.

So, pleasing to the eye!

I can imagine chomping down

and I wouldn’t question why.

It’s almost natural, you know?

An instinct, perhaps?

Fill my body with empty carbs

until I’m sick with fat.

No nutrients to burn through.

No energy to give.

Hmm, that sounds familiar?

Wait, is this about sin?!

Our entertainment, money, power, and status.

So pleasing to the eye, we don’t think about it.

Desiring for the first bite, and yet, planning for more.

consumed by darkness, the prince of air is our lord.

Our body decays and yet we laugh.

We look in the mirror and vanity winks back.

We tear ourselves down because of what we lack.

Turning around, we curse others and talk smack.

We desire the high, the climax, the galore.

Stay away from the valleys, the mountains we score.

Follow our heart, give us our dreams.

We don’t care who we bring down, it’s we who scheme.

Selfishness blinds us. Give us more crystals.

Give me peace. Give me earth. Forget the morals.

God is too much. Christians are legalistic.

Now, let me say this mantra, and hum. I’m being sarcastic.

The New Age lie is as binding as the Law.

But it doesn’t point to Christ, but it’s still us who fall.

The Law of Attraction is hooey,

but don’t you dare respond negatively or your dream is kabluey.

Always be positive and always be nice.

The outside is good, while you’re still numb as ice.

Do all of these things, rinse, wash, and repeat.

I promise you’re still empty, and your fulfillment retreats.

Why do the prosperous still commit suicide?

Why does wealth not equate health? They lied!

Try all you want to achieve your greatness.

You might look good on the outside, but I know your weakness.

It’s just like mine, this donut of nothing.

The sin of the world is exasperating.

If you want to know, the world’s lie suffocates me.

Truth, the rich can have nothing and the poor plenty.

All of these religions tell us what to do.

Atheism is no different, go ahead and call me a fool.

You heard me, right, it’s only one lie.

The truth, Christ is the answer and without Him we die.

Nothing we do will ever be enough.

We can have the money, the family, the home, and status.

Yet, pop the pills, sleep away, and decay on the couch.

You hear me out there, you know what I’m talking about!

In the image of man, the one who was corrupt.

Jesus took our form, did not sin, and died because of us.

He conquered the Devil. He overcame sin.

The One who was Pure, through Him, He lets us in.

We can overcome, this old man of flesh.

Stop thinking this is legalism, something you do on your own!

This is only through the Holy Spirit, the Comforter who

lives in our body, our temple. He’s our new Home!

Do you know what His job is? Well, let me remind you.

He points to sin, righteousness and judgement. It’s true.

Can you do that on your own? Can you rightly discern?

I don’t hear an answer.

Good, you’re thinking.

James says be quick to listen and slow to speak.

That’s funny, with all the words that we vomit.

We destory those made in the image of God

faster than lightning and quick as a comet.

Here’s some bread and milk, take it slow.

It may seem bland at first. But it’s nutrient packed.

You’re going to hear things you haven’t before.

Once a donut, now a veggie Big Mac.

God, the Creator of all, is separated from sin.

That’s why He sent us His Son.

Both God and Man,

Jesus could accomplish what needed to be done.

As I mentioned before, Jesus is the answer.

Being God, our Judge and our Mediator.

We cannot receive the Father and Holy Spirit,

the rest of the Trinity, without Him, because we’re not worth it.

Being separated from God,

sin makes us corrupted.

It doesn’t make us worthy or valuable,

but detached and disrupted.

An emptiness, an ache, that only Christ can fill.

Now, here’s some water, if you take it,

you’ll never thirst for the same thrills.

Jesus, as Savior, do you believe and accept Him?

This isn’t a donut, anymore. Not if you accept Him.

No, this is tough to chew and swallow.

I don’t expect you to know everything at once.

It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow.

You don’t have to hurt the way you have before.

You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be divine.

All lies of the enemy, boosting our pride

yet keeping us condemned all the same time.

But friend, if you listen, this isn’t time to mess around.

His truth will knock your face to the floor.

Kinda nice to feel the ground, with the junk in the air.

Flattering lips proceeding to put more sin at your fingertips.

Remember James?

Take the water, milk, and bread.

I hope today you’ll remember

at least something I said.

“It’s like you fill the empty

with more empty,”

he said, pondering.

And this got me to wondering.

Dedicated to my husband who I am so grateful to see what the Lord has done in his life and opened his eyes to. I am thankful for our late night chats. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

Scripture ReferencesGenesis 3:06, James 1:23, Job 15:31, James 3:09, Romans 1:25, Matthew 23:27, Proverbs 28:06, Romans 6:08, Philippians 1:21, Romans 5:14, 1 Timothy 3:16, John 1:14, Romans 6:06, John 16:08, 2 Timothy 2:15, James 1:19, John 6:51, Hebrews 5:12, 1 Timothy 2:05, Romans 7:18, John 4:14, Romans 8:03-04, Romans 16:18

Monthly Scripture – (NKJ) Psalm 85:10, “Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other.”

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