Need For Truth Against False Teaching (Pt. 2 Of My Response To “Good Intentions”)

Getting to know the word of God takes time. It is a commitment and a priority we must set in our lives daily. The only way to discern and rightly divide is through knowing the word of God. We should be able to explain the Gospel in depth because we understand it.

My poem “Good Intentions” focused on what happens when we intend to follow Christ, but we give up because it isn’t as easy as we thought. This leads to us being lazy about our priorities, ignorant of understanding scripture, unable to discern sound doctrine, and fall away to false teachers. Today’s post will focus on the false teaching part of the poem. For a full summary explanation see part 1 or check out the poem.

There are many who know the date they said the sinner’s prayer and for decades they used the title of Christian. But they do not know scripture and sound doctrine, which is concerning. My poem “Good Intentions” showed just that.

This is what Peter talked about in 1 Peter those who should have been on the meat but were still on the milk. (1 Peter 2:02) There are many who only look at the Bible when they are in church or while listening to a sermon. We use watered down devotionals with life applications, but we lack understanding the proper context of scripture. This is not healthy for those who are followers of Jesus Christ. We need His truth, His word, every day. We need to seek Him every day.

DISCLAIMER: In talking about false teaching, I know some prefer I would not. This is not to cause division, but to point out the false teachings that in itself cause division and are blasphemous against the word of God. I have no personal issues with the people I name. Instead, I pray they repent. These individuals are very big in Christian circles, and while I cannot list every single false teacher out there, I am listing ones I have been studying, and ones that were referred to in my poem.

Emotional Bonds Are Hard To Break

We get emotional bonds with false teachers and we become defensive when people go against them. I understand because I used to defend Rick Warren in his Purpose devotional. It took me years to realize the vague teachings were encouraging legalism and for me to “figure out how to listen and tune into God,” outside of scripture. This never made sense and left me confused, when all I needed to do was read and trust the word of God, not my own experiences.

The teachings we hold dear and think are Biblical make it hard to be challenged on because often we are also bonded to the teacher being challenged or possibly we feel they are being attacked. I think it’s wonderful we care about others and we want to protect them. The role of a teacher is to protect the flock and when a teacher preaches and teaches the opposite of scripture that is an attack on God and His flock. When we have teachers teach/preach what is against scripture, we need them to repent and step down as a leader because they are spiritually immature, and they need taught themselves. As Alisa Childers mentioned, “You can’t build a bridge between the sheep and the wolf so the wolf can come in and eat your sheep.” | Is It Divisive To Call Out False Teachers? by Alisa Childers on YouTube.

False teachers can be caring, kind, and loving. They do not look like gremlins or ravenous wolves. Sadly, their destructive teaching is exactly like that. It’s wicked, ugly, and divisive. All we see is a person who is vulnerable, kind, and weak. Therefore, it is to the false teacher we also want to warn because we should love, care, and desire to protect the false teacher with the truth of God.

A little leaven leavens the whole lump. A little darkness is great. A false teacher on the outside appearing to be loving and genuine is not spared from being corrupted and condemned on the inside. We need to care about the false teacher’s need for repentance and the flock they are publicly deceiving and leading to Hell. (1 Corinthians 5:01-07, Matthew 6:23, Matthew 23:27)

Many false teachers/prophets like Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, and Sarah Young all use emotional connections with their audience.

These women, and male false teachers, can be extremely sincere in what they believe to be true, but they use emotional connection to draw in a vulnerable audience, and that’s simply manipulation. It may not be intended, but this is utterly wrong.

I Appreciate The Concern People Show Regarding That False Teachers Are Not Crucified

I want to thank everyone who has brought their concerns to me on how I speak about false teachers. Every time the topic comes up I strive to speak (write) as gently as I can, and I know written form can vary on how it sounds depending on the reader.

We need to care about false teachers, and one major way of showing love is to speak against them. That being said, the words we use do matter for the false teacher, and for those listening/reading. As I continue to cover the topic, I bear you the reader and the false teacher in mind. I have worked on editing previous posts that may have come off stronger than I intended.

No one likes being told they need to repent when they believe what is being done is not sinful. Regarding what was referenced in my poem, Rick Warren, Sarah Young, Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer need to repent from teaching others to seek God outside of the Bible in order to find God’s purpose. These truths of God are not hidden from us, despite Sarah Young’s yearning for something more the Bible is enough. (Note: There are other issues Rick, Sarah, Beth, and Joyce need to repent from. See below for resources listing other concerns.)

Jesus Christ is the word of God. He is the way to the Father. He is enough. We all are condemned in sin from Adam, but Christ is the second Adam. He died for our sins and He conquered death. He was NOT tortured by demons in Hell during the three days before the resurrection, as Joyce has been heard to claim. It is only through Jesus we can be forgiven and seek repentance. (John 1:01, John 14:06, Romans 4:25, Romans 5:12-14)

Jesus is living water and the bread of life. Man cannot live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God, and we have been given God’s word. God spoke in the last days through Jesus Christ, not prophets (Hebrews 1). We need to stop relying on symbols and thinking we are to “hear” from the Lord trusting our own will that we hear God outside of scripture (which 2nd Peter Ch. 1 warns against). Sarah Young, Rick Warren, Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer are guilty of this. Not only is this confusing to their followers but this is damaging to Sarah, Rick, Beth, and Joyce, please pray for them. Repent and seek the Savior. (John 4:14, John 7:38, Matthew 4:04)

(NIV) 2 Peter 1:20-21, “Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation of things. For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.”

(NIV) 2 Timothy 3:17-18, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

When people claim God speaks to them, but His words that they hear do not hold the same authority as scripture, know this dear friends, the word of God can never be less authoritative than it is in scripture. The authority of God’s words never gets lowered. When we proclaim we hear God speak outside of scripture, please understand the danger, we make ourselves like the false prophets who are an abomination to God. When God speaks, He speaks scripture, no arguments about it.

(NIV) Jeremiah 14:14, “Then the LORD said to me, “The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I have not sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries and the delusions of their own minds.Friends, this is one reason why I recanted from my dreams on this blog.

For some info about Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, and Sarah Young being identified as false teachers, in addition to your own research, please check out the following links. Please Note: I am not promoting every Youtube channel or blog referred to below, as I do not enough time to do a thorough research on each one, but I support what I have shared below. I want to give you sources that you can check on your own, and by no means are you limited to only what I share. Please do your own research. Hold everything up to scripture and be willing to look for the difference between truth and “mostly true.”

Sarah Young In new editions of “Jesus Calling,” they took out text explaining that “Jesus Calling” was inspired by the New Age book “God Calling,” written by two women who were considered mystics.

Beth Moore(Some concerns, not all) Claims direct revelation from God, that God speaks to her on a daily basis, claims Roman Catholicism is a Christian denomination, preaches to men, seeker driven/purpose finding,

Rick Warren-(Some concerns, not all) Tries to build a bridge between Christians and Romans Catholics. Seeker friendly movement, purpose driven, “hearing God and tuning in correctly.”

  • Connie K Yom’s Testimony of leaving Rick Warren’s church and the sad reality of the shepherding she experienced at Rick Warren’s church. She and her husband truly did their best to reach out to Rick Warren personally to speak with him about their concerns. Instead, they were denied at every turn and pushed away. The hurt she experienced in realizing the deception is obvious.
  • Berean Research has a handful of articles to check out on concerns for Rick Warren.
  • CARM (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry) Rick Warren’s Comments On Roman Catholicism
  • Doctrinal Watchdog- Rick Warren Exposed (Documentary) Purpose Driven is discussed, and concerns that the Gospel is not explained. Eventually, I will do a book review on this.

Joyce Meyer (Some concerns, not all) Claims she gets direct revelation from God, claims Jesus was the first born-again creation (which born-again means He was sinful prior), believes in sinless perfection, claims Jesus was tortured in Hell by demons, believes in prosperity gospel, word of faith, alludes to believers being “little gods.”

Note about comments: In order to respond properly, depending on what some comments say I may not be able to comment or immediately comment back, and therefore, these comments will not be published.

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