I Thought I Caused The Ripples

Over a year ago, I wrote a poem titled, “Many Ripples.” There are a few statements I made I do not support and I think are misleading. I thought writing a poem covering those misconceptions would be both fun and, hopefully, clarifying.

I am only stone but,

I caused many ripples.

That’s what I used to think,

some double, some triple.

I was jealous of being the starting piece.

The background person.

Spotlight began with me, and ceased.

My ego hurt, and pride won.

I felt important,

being part of God’s plan.

But even without me,

God can use another man.

You see, it isn’t about me.

My prideful “humility” jaded this.

It’s about Jesus who sets us free.

He causes the ripples. He won’t miss.

Yes, God uses me and the rest of the body.

We must edify, rebuke, and build up.

It is only through Christ there is unity,

and we do not have to be a prideful cup.

So, if the Lord uses me to start a ripple,

I’ll be thankful for what He’s done.

Whether it be double or triple,

the glory always goes to the Son.

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