My New Blog Launches Today: UnAshamed Christian Housewife

If you would like to follow my new blog, please make sure to follow UnAshamed Christian Housewife (link below). If you follow me here, please know you will be following Inside Cup.

I have been working on this blog since June of this year, 2020. The blog was inspired by realizing I really wanted to help women’s ministry. A lot of women are lacking sound truth and many materials published today for women are watered down life application, leaving women still uncertain about having a walk with Christ.

I want to help change that, and I realized posts on Inside Cup, being so vast, having posts for women especially might be more useful if on a separate blog.

UnAshamed Christmas Housewife is focused on the tagline for the blog: Submission Does Not Have To Be A Bad Thing.

The goal of the blog is to learn submission to Christ and that includes learning submission to our husbands and others. Post style is mostly similar to Inside Cup. You can expect posts to be focused on marriage, fellowship, ways women can minister, struggles Christian teen girls might face, struggles women might face, learning from women in the Bible, life application, and more. These posts are meant for women and teen girls, but I’m sure there is something men could glean if they so chose to read.

Posts For Teen Girls:

When I was a teen, I lacked understanding sound theology. This is an issue both teens and women face, (men can, too). So, I hope to be able to have some posts written for teen girls because those are hard years, and it is during this time that we make up our minds on faith a lot of the time. These thoughts have an impact on us as adults, and it’s important that teens are heard, given the right resources, and given decent in- depth answers, aside from just, “I said so, and the Bible says so, it’s wrong,” or, “I don’t know.” (Which it is okay to not have all the answers, what is not okay is not seeking out the truth when God tells us to do just that. When we have teens asking good sound questions, they deserve answers, and we are accountable to having a stable foundation of understanding scripture ourselves.)

UnAshamed’s Blog Post Schedule: Once A Week

We live in a busy world, and this being my third blog, I am wanting to be mindful of my time and yours for quality posts. Mondays will be the normal publishing day for UnAshamed posts, aside from today’s launch.

My other blog post days: Tuesday: Inside Cup | Wednesday: Peeking Beneath (may not post consistently) | Thursday: Inside Cup

You can check out my new blog here | UnAshamed Christian Housewife and if you like what you see, please follow. I have 10 posts ready to get a taste for the blog. πŸ™‚

First 10 Posts Available To View:

  1. Welcome To UnAshamed Christian Housewife
  2. We Envy Others Because We Lack Submission
  3. I Accidentally Burned My Arm Two Days Before The Wedding
  4. Am I A Nagging Woman
  5. A Woman Like Mary | Why We Need To Come To The Feet Of Jesus Often
  6. Importance Of Being A Woman Of Love & Forgiveness
  7. Are We Women Of Love (New Series)
  8. You Can Use Time In A Way Others Cannot | Single Christian Girl
  9. Where Your Self-Worth Is NOT Found
  10. We Need To ReDirect Where Our Victory Is

15 thoughts on “My New Blog Launches Today: UnAshamed Christian Housewife

  1. Blessings in the coming year to you and may you continue to write for your readers. If you change one life, or one perspective then you have done your job as a blogger. I look forward to reading your posts. I identify with your tag line because a few years back my word for the year was submission and GOD taught me so much about what it means especially in marriage so interested to see what you write here. May HIS grace and peace be with you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, and thank you for following!!! 😊😊 Teens can get left out or get really watered down material. I hope to help out best as I can to at least acknowledge things I felt missing as a teen.

      Liked by 1 person

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