Someone In Our Community Needs Our Help

Hey fellow bloggers, I know many of you who follow my blog are familiar with Leigh, from All You Need Is Jesus. If you are not familiar with Leigh, she is a sweet blogger who is trying to live her life for Jesus. She loves books. She desires to seek after the truth. I’ve had many discussions with her about digging deeper into the word of God and I’m so grateful for those talks.

Leigh needs our help.

As she bravely opened up on her blog, she doesn’t like to smile. The reason being with medications she’s on and soft teeth she is dealing with broken and decayed teeth.

Our teeth are so helpful with eating that is one of those blessings we take for granted, often, until we become aware of a problem. The condition of our teeth affects the whole eating process, what we can and cannot eat, the duration of how long we need to chew, etc.

Leigh is trying to raise some money for dentures, and as dentures are expensive she is asking for help. If you are able to help, please click on Leigh’s Go Fund Me page. Even if you are unable to donate, please get word out. Share Leigh’s post, share this post, or share the Go Fund Me page for Leigh on your blog, social media, or wherever you see fit. 🙂

As a church body, we need to help each other out in whatever we can. Let’s be there for Leigh!

Go Fund Me Page For Leigh – Click Here


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