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I Am So Sorry! | Why I Am Privating A Lot Of Old Posts

Oof, there is no easy way to say this, aside from I am sorry to my reading community.

Last year, as some of you know, I shared that I no longer look at dreams the way I used to. This resulted in privating all of my dream posts. But let me back up, just a little.

Last year, my focus became about Christ and His word (the Bible.) I no longer seek Him in symbolic ways, like I used to. There were false teachings I was under disguised as “Christian” but they were nothing more than mysticism and New Age practices. I no longer worry about my purpose or what my calling is. Jesus has given me such freedom in understanding these things, all from scripture alone.

Note: That does not mean every person has the same role. We are a body, with different members. But what I hope to share this year is that our calling, purpose, and even figuring out our spiritual gifts is not as cryptic, as some might have us believe. These are not things any Christian should worry about, rather, take delight in. If we listen for the Lord, we need to be listening to His word. Reading the Bible is where we truly hear Him. Not in silence. Not in dreams. Not in symbols outside of the Bible, etc. Our heart is deceitful. Our thoughts and feelings can be clouded and wrong. We can feel we are 100% sure what we hear in our thoughts is from God and be utterly wrong. The Bible is never wrong, it is His word, and that is where we hear Him.

I have no doubt saying these things might sound troubling to some. Honestly, while I was working through my own thoughts and challenges on these topics, it was rough. I had put decades into these ideas. I read books by authors I thought, for sure, were sound pastors. But the one challenge I kept seeing was that what these “godly” men and women were claiming to be from scripture… the truth was that the Bible did not say those things unless the scripture was twisted. Unless the scripture had more information added and woven into the verses, what these men and women proclaimed were simply not true.

When I understood this, and accepted it, I found freedom in scripture alone. It’s really hard to explain unless you have experienced it yourself. Truly, we need Christ alone. Not experiences. Not feelings. Nothing outside of scripture to make us feel “more connected” to God. They can be wonderful blessings, but experiences and feelings can be very deceptive. We can be so convinced we are right about Christian matters, and be so wrong.

I was wrong. I’m sorry. This is why I have recanted and pulled many posts and will continue to do so. I have over 900, so it’s a process.

Please understand, I do not expect you to agree with me, on this post, if you oppose these positions. It takes time to understand where I am coming from. I get it because just last year I upheld the views I am now against. As one sister in Christ told me, in many ways it’s like I have done a 360. I spent months studying, researching, and listening to others share a different perspective and challenge the ones I once believed to be true. All I ask, really, is to hear me out, best as you can. Pray and go to scripture. Be willing to hear a different perspective.

Main Issues With Posts Being Pulled

I went over most of my posts in 2016 and begun to go over ones in 2017. Many of those are now private. I hope in time to take the core of some of the posts and put better theology and scripture to them. Some posts were deleted because I have more recent ones that better cover the topic. But a large portion of why I made some posts private related to the following:

1. The post shared works-based theology – I have been convicted that I did promote works-based theology, in the past. For many years, I absolutely was confused because I did not realize some of the things I believed in were works-based. If you do not know what this means, it’s basically what we do (anything considered godly/righteous actions) increases our “points” for earning salvation. I hate saying it that way, but I think those who understand will agree. Let it be said, we were created for good works. (Ephesians 2:10) Christians are to be set apart. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) Christians are to walk in the way of the Spirit. (Romans 8:04) We are to live righteous and godly lives, and we will fail (Romans 7:19-21) because we are not perfect 24/7.

We will need to seek repentance from our sins. This is why we put our faith in Christ alone. He justifies us. Not by the way we live, even if it is for Him. Christ became our atonement sacrifice on the cross. (Romans 5:08-10) He was the only One to live a perfect life and that is why He is referred to as the unblemished Lamb, our sin sacrifice. (Hebrews 7:26-27) We put our faith in Christ, not our works, to save us. In comparison to Christ, our works are filthy rags.

Those in Christ WILL live godly lives because the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness, and the judgment to come. (John 16:08-13) We are sinners, and we will need refinement and repentance. Both are found in the Savior. He helps us be convicted of sin because He opens our eyes to the truth and He helps us repent. A godly life does not earn us salvation, only Jesus. (Check out: Why Did A Loving God Kill His Son? (Does God Hate?) for a more in depth look at scripture for the Savior.)

2. The post made assumptions readers were already Christian and already knew the truth, therefore, there was a lack of discussion on the Gospel and repentance – This is problematic because people who are under other false teachings could probably read some of my old posts and not see an issue in the false teaching they are under. Those who did not understand the Gospel fully would not understand the Gospel any better reading some of my old posts.

I once thought the Gospel did not need to be shared in every setting, and I now realize this is so not true. The Gospel is everything and no matter how mature a Christian is every Christian needs reminded of the Gospel daily! And if this is true for mature Christians, how much more for those who do not know?

3. VERY misleading description of the Trinity – Some posts said Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit – Honestly, I am still in shock. No one corrected me, as far as I know, all these four, almost five years. This is so misleading to readers. I have even described Jesus as God and Man. Yet, for some crazy reason, in multiple posts, I was saying Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit.

If you do not see the error, the reason this is a problem is because my wording indicates both Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not God, and that God is part of the Trinity. GOD IS THE TRINITY! The Father is not mentioned, either. So it could be implied either the Father is only God, or there is no Father Person. I have sought forgiveness from the Lord, and to you, dear reader, I apologize. Jesus is God. The Father is God. The Holy Spirit is God. All are three individual Persons. All are NOT each other. Jesus is not the Father, and He is not the Holy Spirit. The Father is not the Son and He is not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not the Son and He is not the Father.

Two resources that explain the Trinity so much better than I can, if you would like to learn more or disagree with me, please see: Mike Winger’s video on the Trinity: Can we defend it Biblically? and Chris Rosebrough on the Trinity. Both are worth a watch, they cover different points 🙂

4. Wrong Information/Needed Better Research, Studying & Scripture Provided– This is more self-explanatory. When I started to post more on Inside Cup, although I believed I was giving my longer posts enough time, some topics deserved more time and research. Other posts simply needed to be rewritten with better information. Some topics I was sadly ignorant on, and of course, I was not aware.

If I find more common themes that disturb me, I might make another post and explain why I am taking posts down of that nature. But I hoped to, at least, give you a more thorough explanation of what is going on and my recant.

There are MANY topics I so wish to write on, but I have to have the proper research ready, and that takes time to compile those kinds of posts. Instead, for now, what I can do is provide you with some of the people and their material that I have enjoyed listening to and learning from. These helped me a lot last year and started my journey to where I am now. (Below is only a sample. To see more people I recommend please see my post: Godly Men & Women I Recommend To Listen To on UnAshamed Christian Housewife. )

Want to check out more? I have some public playlists I have put together with videos I find helpful.

I appreciate everyone who has supported this blog and I appreciate your patience as I work through the mess I created. I pray newer posts are more informative, more sound in the truth of Jesus Christ, and can point you to sound teachers. But most of all, I pray the Lord is glorified in truth.

For a further explanation as to why it is important I repent publicly please see: Thank You All For The Encouragement & Prayers (I Want To Clarify Why I Publicly Recanted)

Monthly Scripture To Ponder/Memorize From Psalm 37– (NKJ) Psalm 37:03, “Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.” 

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34 thoughts on “I Am So Sorry! | Why I Am Privating A Lot Of Old Posts

      1. Yes it is. I just feel so happy knowing that you were saved from the seeker and movement and false teachings. There are millions of women who have been led astray by this idea of looking for God in our feelings . It’s so sad.

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      2. I grew up in it. The women didn’t know any better. But books like Purpose Driven, though at the time I thought was great, still left vague teachings. There was always more I was thirsting after. No wonder I wanted more experiences because that’s all I felt I had to connect with God. But that is sooooo not true! He is sufficient! His word alone is sufficient! He has given me all I needed through His word and finally understanding Jesus and the Gospel more deeply! FINALLY NO MORE SURFACE TEACHINGS!

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  1. I know what you mean. With a background in Roman Catholicism, occultic, and in a cult, some of the teachings tended to remain for years. The doctrine of Faith+ maybe gone but the mentality of earning God’s favor for example tended to remain, and is hard to remove.

    Now you removing but confessing that to your readers took courage, and that is commendable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that is quite the background. May the Lord continue to guide you in HIs truth!!

      It is hard to get out of the works theology and I am so thankful I have scripture to cling to when that old mindset comes back.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. As I read through your beautifully repentant posts, I see lists of teachers you’ve cleaned this clearer theological perspective from. I kept waiting to see Voddie Baucham’s name, but haven’t so far. He was a gigantic influence for me when I made the “transition” to solid doctrine. Love Paul Washer, too😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have enjoyed listening to Voddie, but I haven’t listened to him as much as others. I first saw him with an interview on Wretched and enjoyed his perspective. I might need to add him to the list 😊 (Sometimes there are so many I have enjoyed, I forget 😅) I am grateful there are sound teachers out there and it is not just a handful. Praise God!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m truly blessed when I see believers acknowledge their mistakes and are willing to grow. This shows the work of the Holy Spirit in us and I am glad He is brooding over your understanding now, this just placed deep love and respect in my heart for you as it shows that you are teachable and willing to grow. Thank you for your transparency, all we need is the Word of God and any thing else that is contrary to God’s word is to be ignored.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Admitting our mistakes is a difficult thing. Admitting them publicly, and recanting, is even more difficult. I thank you for your willingness to work through hard things and continue sharing your heart as you share Christ. May you continue your growth (and may I!) until we know, even as we are known. Blessings!

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    1. Thank you so much!!! I have sinned publicly and with my mouth I need to confess publicly. I praise the Lord for HIs truth in Christ and His truth ministering through HIs word. Jesus truly is the way, the truth, and the life. He breaks our bondage to sin and James 1 is truthful in that we can pray for wisdom and God will open our eyes to His truth. All praise be to God, amen, may we all continue to grow through Jesus!


  5. T.R. Thank you for revealing what God is doing in your life. Please know that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. His ways are higher than our ways. We do not understand the mind of God. Consequently, we make mistakes in our thinking. The beautiful thing is, that this Christian walk is a process of letting the Holy Spirit teach us and guide us. God loves your confession and is working in and through you to do a mighty work. You are His masterpiece, His poem. Rest in Him. May the Lord give you His peace that passes all understanding. Karen


  6. Dear one; you are too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes in theology. This is how we grow in Christ. Jesus understands. We understand. It is going to be ok.
    I also recommend Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. He recently released a second edition. ISBN 978-0-310-51797-9

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I know when promoting false theology, which is a sin, there needs to be a recant for a public audience and repenting to the Lord. I am so grateful my eyes are opened. Yes, I have hope everything will be used Romans 8:28.

      I have a systematic theology book on my wishlist, not sure if it is his, but it is highly recommended, and eventually I’ll get it. In the mean while, I do have a Christian theology book I’ve looked at, there’s a lot, and church councils are also brought up, which is neat to see and what topics were covered, how scripture determined conclusions.

      What I am working through is there is so much, and I know even last year, everything cannot be grasped at once. There is always more to gain in time. And I am so glad, in part of loving the Lord, we are to love the Lord with all of our mind. The core stuff I have done (or I feel more confident on), now it’s about going deeper and being able to convey, with my own words (with scripture), so that I can give a reason for why I believe when asked. 😊💗

      Thank you again for your recommendation and encouragment!

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    1. Thank you so much! For the past few months, I have been clinging to James 1. Trust that God will give wisdom. And every topic I have sought prayer on He has provided insight on the topics in His word and used other godly men and women (like yourself) to help clarify those topics with scripture. To God be the glory great things He has done!!! Praise be to Jesus!


  7. “Not experiences. Not feelings. Nothing outside of scripture to make us feel “more connected” to God.”

    THIS is the cold hard truth. Also, thank you for your refreshing honesty. Although I’ve opened a new blog, I’m still pouring over the other blog, cleaning up and deleting posts in the process, something I hope to address in the near future. May your shining example of honesty be one for other believers. God’s peace.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is such a process, humbling and yet so edifying! The amount of things I was ignorant on and the amount of false teachings I thought were legit. I am glad I am able to give better information and more solid theology.

      God be with you!


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