Do We Complain To A Holy & Righteous God (UnAshamed Christian Housewife)

As I work on getting back on track with posting, I wanted to share one of the newest posts on UnAshamed Christian Housewife.

I appreciate all of your support for the blog. I am nearing almost 30 followers for UnAshamed and grateful for all. I thought the material for this post fits my readers for Inside Cup, and wanted to share a portion here. The full post is on my blog.

From UnAshamed Christian Housewife …

Lately, as I have gone over the book of Job, I am reminded of two things. 

  1. Job complained (not saying his pain wasn’t validkeep reading). 
  2. People tend to use the book of Job as a reason why we can bring all our troubles to God, and that includes yelling or complaining to God. 

Now, I think people can be honest with the Lord. They can complain and they can be angry, possibly yell at God. However, though people CAN do these things, that does not mean they SHOULD. I think there is something very important that often is missing when people say, “Oh, yeah. You can yell and complain to the Lord. Job did it.” 

Job repented. (ESV) Job 42:06, “therefore I despise myself, and repent in dust and ashes.”

It is true, the poor man went through so much. His pain was valid and his friends were not helping him, at all,because their words tended to be without compassion and sympathy. Plus, his friends spoke wrongly about God and because of this God had Job intercede in prayer for them. God would not hear the prayer of Job’s friends. (Job 19:01-03Job 42:07-08)

Hasty Speaking – We Speak What We Do Not Understand 

Job did not speak wrongly of God. However, Job did speak of things he did not understand. Through much of the book of Job we see him asking God why he is alive. Job makes statements that he would rather be dead or never born at all. He says that God seems cruel to allow these circumstances to happen to him.

Job seems to be struggling to understand how God can use him in trials because of how painful his trials and griefs are. It appears that Job would prefer his trials to end over God being glorified in his trials. Friends, when we are dealing with our burdens on our own, it will be hard not to desire the same. Is our focus on us or God?

… If you would like to read the rest of the article please head on over to Do We Complain To A Holy & Righteous God?

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Take care!

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