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The Gospel Challenge (30 Question Quiz) – Are You Ready To Defend Your Faith?

This post is inspired by a sister in Christ I talked to recently. I shared with her how, as my theology changed and was challenged last year, I became more aware of the deception I was under. I was realizing that I did not know the Gospel as well as I thought. As we talked, we discovered an area of the Gospel she also needed to study more.

I rejoice for the time we can fellowship in the truth. And I encourage you to consider how well you know the Gospel and how well you can verbalize the Gospel to another. This was part of the inspiration for my Valentine’s post sharing various videos on the Gospel. See here | Valentine’s Gift – Salvation Is Found In Christ

I think many Christians have a basic idea of the Gospel and this is a good start. We all need to know the basics. As a sister in Christ once told me, “The Gospel is shallow enough for a child to wade through and deep enough to swallow an elephant.” The problem when we only have a basic idea of the Gospel is that it may mean we do not fully understand the whole Gospel. And even if we understand the Gospel from a basic concept, while this is beautiful for our own salvation, it might not be as beneficial to helping another learn the truth of Christ.

Knowing women who are in cults or coming out of cults has challenged me to understand scripture better in context. The questions people come up with is challenging. It has forced me to see that people who do not believe the Gospel or those who struggle to understand it well have their own questions and concerns. Both need answers.

For over a year now, I’ve worked on learning the answers to harder questions. I’ve realized my own lack of not knowing the Gospel, and this was hard to admit. What was helpful was to take the basics of the Gospel, and begin to ask myself, “Why is that?”

The questions that have helped me learn better, I want to share with you today.

Please take the time to see how well you can answer them. Due to length, I will provide my own answers, in a separate post later. The goal is to be able to present a full Gospel with context, so we can cover more possible questions people might have.

Please understand – We need a way to share a basic understanding of the Gospel AND we need to know it in-depth, too, for our own sakes, and for the sake of others.

We can tell people scripture, but that does not mean they have fully grasped it. Be willing to be repetitive and patient, for as long as it takes. We do not change hearts, Christ does.

A lot of topics can get covered when the Gospel gets discussed, and I hope you’ll see the glory of the Gospel. The Bible is all about the Gospel. It’s all about Christ. From beginning to end, just as that is His name. (Revelation 1)

All of the questions below can relate to the Gospel.

  1. What is the Gospel?
  2. Why should I care about the Gospel?
  3. What is sin? What does it do (including what it does to our relationship to God)?
  4. What is the cost of sin?
  5. What does it mean to be a sinner?
  6. Who is Jesus?
  7. Why did He have to be the atonement sacrifice?
  8. What makes Jesus different than any other man? Why not Moses or another prophet?
  9. Could any man atone for sin?
  10. Why should I care about Adam’s sin? What relevance is that to me?
  11. How does Adam’s sin connect to Christ?
  12. What are works?
  13. If I do works then does that mean I’m saved?
  14. Are works bad?
  15. What is legalism/ Works-based theology, what is it?
  16. What is propitiation?
  17. What does imputed righteousness mean?
  18. What did Christ experience on the cross?
  19. What is the wrath of God and why should I care about the wrath of God?
  20. How can Jesus be both God and Man?
  21. What is the Trinity?
  22. Did Christ pray to Himself?
  23. What does it mean to be redeemed?
  24. What does it mean to be justified?
  25. What is grace?
  26. How is Christ connected to the High Priest?
  27. What types and shadows in the OT point to Christ dying on the cross?
  28. What does it mean to seek forgiveness from God?
  29. What does it mean to repent?
  30. If we say the sinner’s prayer, does that mean we receive salvation?

I hope you consider these questions and do some studying of your own. If you want to answer any of the questions, feel free to share below or do a personal study. Scripture references are highly encouraged, too. 🙂 If you can think of other questions, feel free to share below.

My answers to these questions can be viewed here- Answers to Gospel Questions


4 thoughts on “The Gospel Challenge (30 Question Quiz) – Are You Ready To Defend Your Faith?

    1. I have the post ready. Worked on adding so much scripture references today. The answers go up this Thursday 🙂 It’s a blessing to know you have enjoyed this post!!! I am slowing working on covering the Gospel more in-depth this year. I keep seeing it’s importance and I’m sad I did not realize it before. ❤


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