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Importance Of Bible Study (UnAshamed)

Tuesdays for Inside Cup may not be as consistent now that I am working on devoting more time to posts. For this week, I’d like to share a post I wrote yesterday on UnAshamed.

Why should we care about Bible Study? Is it really as important as some make it out to be? . 

There are many people who rely solely on their pastor or the words of whatever authority they view as important, however, they do not know scripture on their own, only what others claim scripture says. There are many who, upon reading the Bible (in proper context), would find out the teacher or leader they put their trust in was falsely teaching. There are many who share a “blind” faith because the evidence that Christians should put forth in sharing the Gospel is unknown. Those who do not know scripture well can easily be tripped up by those who want to harm Christian theology and by those who simply do not understand, and therefore, have questions that deserve answers. (Mike WingerPlease Stop Saying Faith Is Belief Without Evidence

If we do not know scripture properly, then we cannot defend our faith the way we are called to. (1 Peter 3:15

Excuses We Make For Not Reading The Bible 

In this day and age, so often we get caught up in a list of daily priorities. We determine what needs to be done and what we would like to do. Often, we will find excuses for why we cannot do Bible Studying. Reflecting on my own life, and what I have heard from other Christians, here are some common excuses we come up with for why we do not partake in daily Bible Studying. . . . To read the rest please go here.

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