Rules For Comments (Why Some May Not Appear)

I’ve been meaning to write up my rules for comments, for a while now. I’ve been debating a little over a year on the best way to respond to comments. While some may not appreciate the direction I’ve decided to go, I do believe this is the wisest decision I can make. Some comments will not be approved if I cannot respond to them for the following reasons:

1. If The Comment Does Not Relate To The Post Material

I’ve had people, in the past, leave lectures/sermons on anything and everything EXCEPT the actual post I wrote. Comments are there to comment on the post material. If you want to discuss something else, I am also on Instagram, Twitter, I have a Facebook page, and I have an email. Using my post to promote yourself also is not a way to get approved. I want comments to stick to the topic so that good discussions can come from it.

2. Slander, Rudeness 

I’ve been called names simply because I did not respond to a comment in time. Being rude or saying/assuming things that are simply not true about me are not ways to be heard, and are sinful. I refuse to give attention to these comments. Again, see rule 1. 

3. Arguments/Debates

There may be some comments who share a different perspective than my post, and I might respond. However, I acknowledge responding to these types of comments usually involve time, research, compassion, and patience. If people are sharing something that is not presented in my post, it relates closer to rule 1. I’m not here to have long drawn out responses for every opposing comment. If I think my response can be helpful to the commenter, and moreso, to other readers, I may respond. But I am not here to debate. I want to be wise about what I say, and in some circumstances, it would be wiser not to say anything at all. 

I fully admit I do not have the answers to everything. It is wise for me to refrain from engaging in something I am not prepared for. My response would not be helpful to anyone, and it would be done in haste. This does not mean I will never respond, but, like I said, research and time might be needed to properly respond. And yes, in some cases, it is better to not engage.

4. A View That Is Against The Gospel & Scriptural Context 

If a comment shares a legalistic view of the Gospel, it may not be shown. Jesus Christ is the answer, not self. Again, rule 3, unless I decide to engage and explain why the comment has a wrong viewpoint, these comments will not be approved. 

If comments present a view that twists scripture and takes scripture out-of-context, it most-likely will not be approved. 

5. Encouraging False Teachings/False Teachers

Nope, this ties back to rule 4. If someone presents a false Gospel/false Christ, these comments will not be approved. Again, rule 4. If a comment shares a false teacher or false teachings that promote a false Gospel/false Christ, it may not be shown. 

Why will I not engage these comments?

Since this year, I have strived to make sure I have a post link available to explain the Gospel, in detail. In many posts of mine, I do cover the Gospel. Some might believe I should respond in order to “set-straight” facts or misunderstandings that a commenter might share. In my experience, responses do not usually sway someone, if the post itself did nothing.

I do not want to waste my time repeating myself. I do not want to respond to someone who is merely reading, and not listening to what I am saying, in order to comment their view. Likewise, I, myself, do not want to read their comment in order to purely respond to it. It’s not productive, nor encouraging, or edifying.

I think some comments can be helpful with engagement, but I want to be careful in how I respond.

Overall, if your comment relates to the material written, it most likely will be posted. But, if your comment is contrary to scriptural context, the Gospel of Jesus, rude and/or does not relate to what is written, it may not be approved. 

It’s not a personal attack. The goal is for me to be wise about responding. Comments that go against these rules may not evoke the proper response you need me to give you. I need to be Christ-like, in all I do, including comments. These rules are to protect myself, you, the commenter, and fellow readers who look at comments.

This doesn’t mean if one or some comments do not get approved that you cannot comment. It just means depending on what each comment says, it may or may not be approved. However, continuous rude comments will be blocked.

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Scripture To Memorize/Meditate On – (ESV) Romans 5:08, “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

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4 thoughts on “Rules For Comments (Why Some May Not Appear)

      1. For me it varies. Sometimes I will to point them to Jesus. Other times, I just ignore them if they are vile or demeaning. On Twitter, I can mute them if it is too bad. After a while, I unmute them as they have moved on.

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