Post Schedule Change (For Now)

With the addition of UnAshamed Christian Housewife, I think it might be better for Inside Cup to go to a schedule of one post a week. (At least until I can catch up and get ahead.) There is so much I want to write on, research, and I’m still working through a balance so that I do not feel burnt out. I know for those of you who appreciate fewer posts a week, hopefully this is a blessing to you.

Usually, from February to April, I struggle with getting burn out. The past few years I’ve been struggling with it more in the spring and summer months. But rest assured, I have no intentions of not blogging. There is such a need for people to hear the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the internet is no different.

I may, perhaps, spotlight more or share previous posts sometimes so there could be more than one post a week. But new material for Inside Cup will be one a week, unless I believe it’s important to have multiple posts.
I hope this allows me to work on getting ahead, I’ve been struggling with scheduling since last fall.

Thank you all for your patience and your encouragement.

~T. R.


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