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Christ In The Old Testament (New Series)

It took me a really long time to see the importance of why we need to read the Old Testament with the Messiah in mind. This was probably because I once viewed the Gospel as a “surface topic.” I thought it was, of course, important… or so I “thought”.

But I desired to “go deeper” with topics like sanctification and holiness. I missed out on a lot, and my love for the Gospel was not where it should have been. What I know now is if I view the Gospel improperly and not as important then I will never understand sanctification or holiness properly. And up until last year, I’m sad to admit, I didn’t really understand. This led me to a lot of problems in legalism.

The Gospel is everything.

I’ve made it a recent mission this year to try to incorporate the Gospel more into my posts.(See Posts: The Gospel Challenge (30 Question Quiz) – Are You Ready To Defend Your Faith? & Answers to Gospel Questions)

It’s been interesting to see how little we tend to know of the Gospel. How little we use the Gospel to apply to our life. We tend to seek life application out of the Bible. But the reality is we need the truth of God’s word to apply to our life. It’s not secretive, rather, we lack reading in context, in order. We lack the proper tools to know how to apply scripture to our life. (See: Bible Study Tips | The Four R’s Of Bible Studying) This leads us into problems.

So much of false Christianity is about seeking God and answers from God outside of scripture, or twisting scripture to make it what we want it to sound like. This false Christianity leads us to receive various answers on how to live as Christians, and what it even means to be a “Christian” (some would say we do not even have to follow Christ to be a Christian).

But, my friends, when we are looking at scripture, particularly with the Gospel as our core focus, we begin to see how everything points to Jesus Christ. We start to see how everything in scripture makes sense, including the parts that, at one time, may not have made as much sense.

So, I want to invite you to join me on a new series. I want to look at various portions of the Old Testament to see the need for the Savior. And I’ll leave you with this preview to consider.

Every time you see the word good or righteous in the Old Testament, you should be seeing the need for Christ.

(ESV) Romans 3:10-11, “as it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God.“

We will be covering this in the next post of the series. 🙂

See you then! (Update: I will be adding the posts of the series here as they are published.)


Righteousness Points To Jesus | Christ In The Old Testament

Scripture To Memorize/Meditate On – (ESV) Romans 5:08, “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Community Prayer – April ‘21

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12 thoughts on “Christ In The Old Testament (New Series)

    1. I plan to focus on verses in which we might not think about Christ. I’m also hoping to leave some resources for those who want to learn more about the prophecies of the Messiah and how Christ is the Angel of the Lord. And you never know 🙂 you might be able to write a post on it. There is soooo much!

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      1. It sounds action packed and I’m here for it. My focus has shifted to a short series of sort: ‘Scariest verse in the Bible for Christians’ so I hope to do some drafting soon. Looking forward to your series, though. God’s peace.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. There is so much to focus on, and sharing bite-sized pieces makes it very exciting. Currently, I’m writing a post that will appear at the end of June, introducing another series. Sarcasm in the Bible. The goal is to break down sarcastic verses, and learn from them, as well as learn how kindness and gentleness, sometimes, can have harsher approaches. I appreciated these series because the goal is to focus on scripture, and I’m sure you share the same joy 🙂

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      3. I’ll look forward to it and about sarcasm in the Bible? TR, you won’t believe it, but a few years ago, a friend and I discussed this very same topic. I wrote some notes, but never thought to share them as it was just a discussion. Of course!

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      4. I’ll check the video out, but the series started when I was pondering what is the scariest verse in the Bible for Christians. I’ve come to the conclusion that it was Matthew 7:21-23. I’m glad Alan Parr did a video on ‘the scariest verse’ though. I’ll include it in the series as the others I’ll be looking into where it concerns ‘the scariest verse for Christians’.

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      5. So something interesting is when he covers the verse in Hebrews, that verse helps explain Matthew 7:21-23. People, in Matthew’s verse, claimed that they were Christian, they believed they were Christians. But they were false converts. In Hebrews, this verse touches on false converts/apostates. Thought you might like lthe connection.


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