What I Love About The Chosen

This is a portion from the original post: Concerns With The Series “The Chosen” In this section, I share what I overall enjoy about the series.

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I’m not against anyone in The Chosen. Like the creator, Dallas, I want to focus on the true Christ. I ask for prayer for everyone involved in the show, and everyone being influenced by the show. That we focus on what is true of Jesus Christ. I think it’s important to discuss our Savior and the way He is portrayed. That doesn’t mean I think The Chosen is evil, isn’t doing any good, or can’t be used by God. All I ask if for you to hear me out. Check out the resources, some are Christian, Catholic, or Mormon. I do not think all Mormons agree on the same points of their doctrine, just like I do not think all Catholics think the same of their doctrine. I’m focusing on the core doctrine of their religions, and followers can certainly disagree with core beliefs. Some interviews with Dallas are not with Christians. I’m trying to help give multiple perspectives so you can critically think most about what matters. 

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What I Love About The Chosen 

With these arguments answered, let’s talk about what I DO really enjoy about the show. 

1. I Love That Jesus’ Human Nature Is Focused On

God made us to laugh and dance, while the fallen nature of our body causes us to feel pain, hunger, thirst, cold, sorrow, and other unpleasant circumstances. The human nature of Christ, being in full submission to the Father, did not spare Himself from the difficulties and hardships of being a human. I appreciate that the series shows this. (Philippians 2:05-09

2. I Love That There Is A Connection To The Jewish Culture

Proper Bible studying includes understanding the culture of the time and the audience for which the books of the Bible are written. The Bible was written for us, but not to us most of the time. This is why we need to understand if a text is prescribed to us or if it is describing something instead. Which is why it’s important we understand proper context. 

3. I Love That People Are Encouraged To Turn To Their Bibles

With season 1, there were a ton of discussions I had with my husband. We discussed the human nature of Christ. We discussed scripture. And I can say season 2 certainly continues to have us discuss scripture (moreso… against most episodes, sadly.) But nonetheless, I appreciate being able to discuss scripture and Christ. I love that people are having questions about Jesus, and drawing closer to Jesus when they are encouraged to turn to their Bibles. That’s all wonderful. 

4. The Episodes Have Beautiful Lighting and Storytelling

This is definitely one of the best productions of Christian storytelling. You can tell there is a lot of care behind the lines being said, scenery, and lighting. It’s obvious there is an attention to detail. The actors and actresses are extremely talented and they take their roles seriously. Everyone who is involved in the show cares about the show. Season 1, when John 3:16 gets covered and Nicodemus finally meets Jesus is my favorite episode. Very well done! It’s beautiful to see how all of these elements are valued for storytelling. As a writer, reader, and viewer, I very much appreciate this. 

5. I Loved The Scenes Of Peter & His Wife 

In season 1, I loved how Peter’s wife reminds him to put his faith in God. Her focus is very much about serving the Lord. As a wife, as a daughter, and then as a follower of Jesus. She shows the strength of being a woman and yet submissive. This is something our culture needs more of. 

6. I Love That People Are Starting To Ask Questions About Christ & Possibly Be Led To Christ

This is all wonderful and good, as mentioned in point 3. Anything that is true and genuine about Christ I am all for! In fact, The Chosen allows a lot of opportunities to discuss Christ, including when it comes to discussing the Christ in the Bible and the Christ in the The Chosen. There can be some great Bible study to come out of this. I think it’s amazing some people are being led to Jesus.

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While there are portions of the show I enjoy, there is a lot I struggle with.

To view the full post check out: Concerns With The Series “The Chosen”


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Scripture To Memorize/Meditate On – (ESV) Romans 5:08, “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

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