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2,500 + Followers | Milestone

I hope y’all aren’t all bots.

Usually with these milestones, I like reflecting back on the journey so far. This reflection isn’t going to be cotton candy and confetti. Though, to be fair, most of my reflections tend not to be that way. I’d like to take this time to reflect back on a major problem with this blog, and how I overcame it. I think many other Christian bloggers can relate.

What Am I Writing?

There was a time when my follower count happened at a much more steady pace, but honestly, majority of my posts were junk. I promoted emotionalism. I presented a confusing view on the Trinity, even insinuating Jesus and the Holy Spirit weren’t associated with God. I would say, Jesus, God (the Father), and the Holy Spirit. THIS IS WRONG! This is not the Trinity. (Yet, no one corrected me, as far as I know.)

Updated Note (09/15/2021)- God is not part of the Trinity. God IS the Trinity. Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit make up the Trinity. Jesus is God. The Father is God. The Holy Spirit is God. One essence (God) 3 Persons (Trinity). God is the Trinity.

My blog was seriously flawed in deception and emotionalism. From 2016 until 2020. I didn’t realize how much I was thirsty for the truth of the Gospel. I was parched and did not know it. I encouraged that thirst on this blog because I left my readers empty often.

About half of my posts are privated now. And I still have some posts left to review.

I know anyone on social media can be tempted to look at likes, followers, and comments as ways to affirm if what we are doing is of God or not. While these things can be a blessing and can be beneficial in helping others hear the truth, it is the truth that needs to be our focus. Jesus Christ needs to be our focus.

Burnt out was inevitable. A week’s worth of posts (because I tried to manage 2 blogs daily) was about 14 posts a week. Most of them were short, were meant to encouraging, had a weak message, and didn’t really help anyone with the Gospel.

When the burnt out happened followers did not come as quickly. Likes and comments became smaller, but they still came. And through this burnt out I questioned the material I was writing. What was the purpose? How is it really helpful? During this time, the truth of the Gospel, the reality of false teaching, and how Christ needs to be our focus became a beacon of help. From the fall of 2019 and all of 2020, the things I struggled with understanding in scripture finally become crystal clear. I discovered I was seeking God in mystical ways. I used symbols and dreams as ways to affirm how He “talked” to me, when all I have ever needed is just the scripture.

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Letting Go Of Mysticism & Letting Go Of Being Emotionally Led

I craved feeling heard by God, therefore I sought Him in these ways to “affirm” not only my faith but God’s presence. Looking back at what I used to treasure so dearly it’s silly because as soon as the “moment” and the emotions went away, I was back to where I was. Wondering God’s will for my life, and desiring to “feel connected” again.

This led to me not only cutting out a lot of things I used to believe in my life, but also on the blog, as well.

I am glad that when I started to change my content more people fell away. The truth is humbling, as it sifts. As I shared at the beginning of this year, I Am So Sorry! | Why I Am Privating A Lot Of Old Posts & Thank You All For The Encouragement & Prayers (I Want To Clarify Why I Publicly Recanted) there was a lot to sift through, chew on, and turn away from.

People were impacted by the choices I made on the blog.

Struggles Followers Had With The Changes

Choices I made regarding previous posts, new post topics, and old post series I stopped doing were struggles for some people, understandably. The more disappointment people shown in regards to my decision making the more I was tempted to give in and go back to what I turned from. A sin I can struggle with is people-pleasing. And the changes I was making, well, (a lot of) people were anything but happy with.

But it is the truth of Christ that brings comfort, a Rock to stand on, and strength beyond what we can provide for ourselves and others. Christ is why I can’t look back. Christ is why I can’t bend to emotions because emotions are not always truth… no matter how real they are. Emotions were created by God and can be used for good, but emotions are not how we discern. No matter how convincing they are…again, I’ll say it. Emotions are not always truth. Emotions are not how we discern.

I learned a lot about perspective. I have studied for over a year now how to explain what is considered gentle and kind Biblically. American Christians need help. This cancel-culture of, “You’re not nice if you hurt my feelings,” is consuming the church. Truth is being refused simply because we become uncomfortable.

Scripture encourages us to understand the people we talk to. Consider their situation, their weaknesses, and respond accordingly. We aren’t meant to be mean on purpose. And we need to be accountable to our own emotions, regarding how we might respond to one another.

What I have learned so far is that we can be extremely subjective with our definitions on what it means to be gentle, kind, and nice.

Unfortunately, Christians are literally killing others with kindness because they are so afraid to speak up and hurt feelings. People are going to Hell and we are just… holding their hands.

There are times in which harshness IS loving. We do not kindly ask someone in a burning building to get out. We yell at them to get out. Being spiritually dead is not ok. Leading people to Hell with deception and a false Gospel is not ok. Twisting scripture is not ok. The fact we have leaders in these positions is wrong.

I see a lot of love for people not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, and I think it’s wonderful we care that others are not offended. However, there is a flaw with this concern.

It’s like we act as if sin isn’t a deadly poison. It’s like we act as if it’s ok for all of these leaders to continue to hand out poison to their millions of followers. And instead of our focus and concern being on the poison being handed out, we become focused on how others are warning about the poison and leaders in not nice ways. We care more about wolves than we do the sheep.

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Encouragement Among Concern

Adjusting to the concerns and defense people have about wolves in sheep’s clothing has been interesting. Honestly, though, I think people are being deceived because they do not see the problem. Satan and his demons will appear as angels of light. “Niceness” is a cloak they hide behind. Emotion is a sword they wield.

I’m learning to care and love those who struggle with false teachers being called out. I used to struggle with it, too. I’m learning to show compassion, ask better questions, and help people think about why it’s ok to talk about false teaching and false teachers.

Thankfully, the changes haven’t been all heavy. I also got to meet some new people whose hearts are focused on the truth of Christ. They understand the danger of false teaching and the problems of mysticism and reliance on emotions. Some related to my own experience and how God opened their eyes to the truth, as well. This was encouraging to me, and I appreciate those of you who have helped me go forward. I also appreciate those who shared their concerns and their love for others. I’m not perfect, and pray I continue to get better in discussing the topics, as the years go by, God-willing.

If you are a Christian blogger, I share these things to encourage you and to make you think. At the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves who are we serving? We have to be accountable and admit our struggles. We need to surround ourselves with people from the body of Christ who will help us stay accountable.

It is not easy.

But it’s important.

Our King of kings is who we serve and He alone helps us love others the way we NEED to, even if it isn’t easy. His way leads to eternal life because Christ alone is eternal life.

A lot of the nonsense I once had on this blog, despite multiple comments and likes, was fleeting. It was empty. Words were hollow. Self-gain was certainly in the back of my mind. I craved the attention. I enjoyed the discussions because I was lonely, but they hardly were edifying… for anyone.

And I’d be a fool to say the temptation is not there still.

Make every post, Christian blogger, in submission to the Lord. Consider His ways. Consider the Church. Consider the lost.

Make Him priority.

Scripture To Memorize/Meditate On – (ESV) Romans 5:08, “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

*To learn more about what Jesus did on the cross and why His atonement sacrifice is so needed please see: Why Did A Loving God Kill His Son? (Does God Hate?) 
*If you do not know the Gospel, do not turn away. If you think you know the Gospel, check out these questions and see how prepared you are for the day someone might ask you why you believe: The Gospel Challenge (30 Question Quiz) – Are You Ready To Defend Your Faith?

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2 thoughts on “2,500 + Followers | Milestone

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing your change of heart and how the Truth sets you free. I really like your following quotes:
    Emotions are not always truth. Emotions are not how we discern.
    This cancel-culture of, “You’re not nice if you hurt my feelings,” is consuming the church. Truth is being refused simply because we become uncomfortable.
    Leading people to Hell with deception and a false Gospel is not ok. Twisting scripture is not ok.
    It’s so hard in today’s “cancel culture” to speak the truth but standing up for Jesus is all worth it. He will not cancel us and He will give us the courage we need. May He keep blessing you with telling the Truth!
    My husband and I are working on publishing our next book titled “The Discernment Dilemma”. Hope to have it published before Christmas.
    Blessings, Elfriede

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