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Former Psychics Tell All & Warn Christians NOT To Have Psychic Readings (Doreen Virtue)

(Updated: January 13th, 2022)
Following last week’s video, for the next few Friday’s I’m going to continue to cover topics that people tend to become more curious about for Halloween. Psychics and whether we should seek after spiritual experiences through activities contacting the dead or spirits tends to be a theme. Which is why I am so happy to see that Doreen recently shared a video in which she and a fellow past psychic expose the lies of psychic experiences.

Both Doreen and Jenn Nizza share how they realized (through the word of God) that their past experiences as psychics were connected with demons. They discuss the attraction and pride of feeling powerful and having the ability to “predict” the future or past knowledge of others.

Demons do not care if they help the world know things.

Doreen and Jenn point out that police working with psychics isn’t the main problem. What darkness cares about is using anything that will turn you away from Jesus Christ. We are being watched constantly. So, demons knowing the past history of someone is nothing. Demons being good at predicting the future, doesn’t mean we turn to communicating with spirits.

Emotions, grief, will be used against us. Demons will use truth about those we love, our desire to speak to the dead, in order to manipulate our emotions. Darkness desires us to seek after anything against what Jesus warns us. With our emotions being manipulated, the lies in theology come. “Jesus is not the only way. Hell doesn’t exist, everyone is in Heaven, etc.” This is the not the true Gospel message. This is not the true Christ.

Both the Old and New Testament are against divination.

Doreen and Jenn cover the issue of people who believe it’s okay to be “Christian Witches.” They also touch on multiple themes of the New Age, like crystals, tarot cards (origins), and the lies associated with them.

Jenn brings up a really good point. She poses the question, if we really saw the demon for what it is, not our mom, or dad, or whoever we want to hear from… would we really still desire to hear from them?

Check out: Doreen Virtue | Former Psychics Expose All & Warn Christians

Scripture To Memorize/Meditate On – (ESV) Romans 5:08, “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

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