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“How To Be A Husband” The Lost Art Of Biblical Manliness (Mike Winger)

I always enjoy sharing Mike’s work and this was a sermon my husband and I listened to recently.

Mike begins by pointing out how society has forgotten what Biblical manliness is. The role of a husband has been diminished, and it is an extremely important role.

He makes the point that love is not just a feeling. Love can be enforced. Love can be from obedience to the Lord. Mike breaks up the lie that people ”fall out of the love” and uses scripture to show it’s beyond feelings.

In a marriage, the husband is to take care of his wife, and Mike explains why. Mike covers issues when husbands neglect their wives. He points out that sometimes husbands choose ministry over their wives and families, this is not ok. The Lord has given the wife as the first ministry to the husband. I thought that was pretty powerful.

I do think there are a lot of things that also can apply to women, and in general, the Christian walk. For example, Mike makes the point that showing the love of Christ isn’t about the easy times, but the hard times.

Check out: How To Be A Husband, The Lost Art Of Biblical Manliness | Mike Winger

Scripture To Memorize/Meditate On – (ESV) Romans 5:08, “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

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3 thoughts on ““How To Be A Husband” The Lost Art Of Biblical Manliness (Mike Winger)

  1. Interesting post, T.R. I agree that the pendulum has certainly swung too far in the other direction when it comes to our cultural understanding of womanliness and manliness and we see that reflected in our churches as well. For many years, I think the church marginalized and diminished women, rather than celebrating their uniqueness and complementary role. And now, our current culture is in the process of trying to dismantle what it is to be a man to the point of rejecting Biblical definitions of gender. I agree, we do need to raise more godly men and see a rising up of the godly men in our church. Excellent post.

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    1. I think there’s probably a lot of factors that go into what has happened. I think the true Church has always seen the beauty of women’s role. But when church strays from understanding the Gospel completely, and what that means, it will misunderstand everything else that comes out of it, including the role of women and men.

      Women’s movements also have strayed from enjoying the role women have in serving. It’s not good enough. People want recognition. Women want recognition. But that’s a problem. To whose credit do we deserve recognition? What right can we claim that we “deserve” anything? (Of course being made in the image of God warrants certain respects and care. But even this respect is not because of the individual, but the One in whose image we are.)

      Even if no one recognized us, that’s not the point. We are to first and foremost to serve God and the Church body. All credit goes to Christ. We can do all things through Him, not ourselves.

      But there are so many roles and words that are being redefined. Marriage, what it means to be a woman, roles women play, etc. The Gospel teaches us we all are equal, and we all have a role to play. Many members, one body. Different roles, and it’s a beautiful gift. Pride gets in the way and demands more. God’s way is not good enough for us, we want to be God and define what we believe is good. Like Judges, we see fit what is “right” in our own eyes.

      Older women are not teaching younger women, as instructed. The trend had to start somewhere. Our elders have turned away from what is true, and so, the generations continue to get influenced. Men have not rose up to the leadership Christ calls them to. It affects marriages, families and it affects the church body.

      Many churches are under false teachings and do not present the correct Gospel, but a false Christ who promotes self-love, not submission to God. Years before, legalism certainly swept over many churches. The truth is not being taught. It’s disrespected. And those who are not hearing the word of God, which Romans 10:17 says is where faith comes from, they remain spiritually dead.

      Of course, Romans 1 also says that people will reject the truth, even if they have it because they choose to serve their own lusts, and we certainly have reached that point, too.

      This is not to excuse the abuse of power people in church positions take. That’s not Biblical, at all, and that’s the main point. When people stray from the truth of Christ, and live out what serves their flesh “best”, we still see things horrible things happen. Wolves will blend in and lead the sheep to the slaughter. They preach a message itching to the ears. They abuse their authority and those who trust them.

      People need to read their Bibles and pray daily. They need to know the truth so they can discern between what is true and what is mostly true. We need leaders who serve Christ diligently to rise up. We need elders to lead the men and the women, who then lead those younger than them.

      I took a bit of time to think about your comment, and I hope my explanation makes sense. This is a serious problem and we need more people to rise up. We need the truth of Jesus Christ because He and only He sets us free. May the Lord continue to guide you! Thanks for your comment!

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      1. I appreciate your thoughtful response. I agree that multiple factors are influencing what we see happening in society and church concerning gender and gender roles. And yes, reading and studying the Bible is a must if we are to discern God’s will and truth.

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