(UPDATE) Pregnant Mother & Littles Are Homeless | Please Share & Donate If You Can

I recently shared Lindsay Davis Knotts’ story about how they had to leave their home and all of their belongings, including their car, due to black mold infestation. Knotts Family Needs Help | Black Mold, Left Home & All Belongings. Lindsay and her family are receiving help and they are halfway to their goal. Please continue to share their story and donate if you can.

Lindsay recently shared a devastating story about a mother and her children being kicked out of their home. They have been sleeping in a park. The mother, Marissa, will be able to find a place to live in if she can make enough money for the first month of rent. The rest of the money will go to groceries, toys, things for the children. Marissa is also pregnant. She is currently a mother of 5. Marissa has not had too many people help her out.

If you can help, please share her story. If you are able, please donate.


Update: November 6th/2021- She now has been able to secure a job and get a safe vehicle. Her one baby had to go to the hospital, RSV. He is off oxygen. Less than 2k has been raised so far. Her job is a 2 week pay check. If you share and/or donate, please do! She needs $1790 to secure a home. She has 5 babies and a 6th on the way.

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