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“Wives Submit” What It Really Means | Mike Winger

(Updated: January 13th, 2022)

A couple weeks ago, I shared Mike’s sermon on Biblical Manliness. I thought it would be fair to then share a sermon Mike did on wives submitting to their husbands. The reason I shared what Mike discusses on husbands first is because so many seem to think the Bible doesn’t teach on the role of husbands, but only submission of wives.

This is often a touchy subject for a lot of women, which is also why I wanted to share a pastor expand on a Biblical husband first.

Mike begins making the point that Christians should speak out on discussing controversial issues. The world is wrong and we need to help them see how God has ordained the truth. If we love people, we need to love them with the truth of God.

He focuses on 1 Peter 3:1-6, Ephesians 5:22, with some other scriptures sprinkled in.

The world often distorts what godly marriage is. Those who struggle submitting to Christ will have an issue with submitting to others. We are called to submit to the needs of others above our own. Christians are to submit to each other. The enemy of submission, Mike points out, is pride and selfishness.

Not submitting to our husbands is rejecting submission to God. Submission means to rank ourselves under.

Now, Mike has dealt with domestic violence. He points out that men are not called to FORCE their wife to submit. That’s abuse. A husband is not to be obsessed with his wife’s submission. Mike points out marriage is not about the spouse always looking at the other doing their part.

He also makes the point that marriage can function disfunctionally, but that doesn’t mean it should.

Points & Questions That Are Answered In The Message:

  • Importance about older women teaching younger women about marriage
  • Are there times for a wife to is disobey her husband? (Yes, Mike gives a Biblical example.)
  • What are the rare cases for a wife to disobey?
  • What is the problem with a marriage having two heads?
  • Outward beauty vs. inward beauty
  • Problems with church encouraging vanity and outward beauty
  • Does having a quiet spirit mean being silent?

Mike ends making the point that marriage is not about our happiness, but for the glory of God.

Check out: Wives Submit – What it REALLY means! Bible Study.

Scripture To Memorize/Meditate On – (ESV) Romans 5:08, “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

*To learn more about what Jesus did on the cross and why His atonement sacrifice is so needed please see: Why Did A Loving God Kill His Son? (Does God Hate?) 
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6 thoughts on ““Wives Submit” What It Really Means | Mike Winger

  1. While this is true that emotions can lead us astray it is also emotions that can tie us with God. Praying out of hurt and lost is an emotion, Praying out of a grateful heart is joyful. Emotion can sometimes be a good thing when led by the Holy Spirit. Love is more than an emotion but an action that is why I hinted both, being loving doesn’t come naturally and to know love we must first know God.


    1. I appreciate your clarity, and I agree emotions can be for good, after all God did create them.

      You might enjoy hearing the testimony by David Wood on YouTube. He is a textbook psychopath, so he typically does not experience emotion like everyone else. Really fascinating story 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Submission has been taken out of context for so many years, God calls a husband to love his wife because that emotion/action doesn’t come naturally to a man. Wives are not called to love their husbands because love/emotions comes naturally. Henceforth why God tells men to love their wives as Christ loved the church and why wives are called to submit. Submission does not mean being meek and quiet, to sit and obey every single thing without saying a word but being patient, loving, kind, gentle and wise. Which is why the proverbs 31 woman can be a good example of a submissive wife. She was bold, smart, wise, independent, and viewed as an equal and not a object.


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