Is Christmas Wrong? Ways To Think About Christmas

If you do want to comment about a particular view you have, I recommend clicking the link and reading the article so you know my perspective. 🙂

I know a red button topic 😅 but it is important to think about these things. Over on my main blog, Inside Cup, I shared a list of Christmas posts …

Is Christmas Wrong? Ways To Think About Christmas

Over on my other blog, UnAshamed Christian Housewife, I dealt with some of the criticisms I’ve received against Christmas, and why I shouldn’t celebrate. The three biggest were Dec. 25th wasn’t His actual birthday, Christmas is like a golden calf, and Christmas is like strange fire. If you’re interested, go check out the post 🙂

You may want to also check out this recent post I did: Christmas Posts & Resources About Christmas- Should We Celebrate?


4 thoughts on “Is Christmas Wrong? Ways To Think About Christmas

    1. Yeah, I didn’t know that, either 🙂 I’ve been trying to grab resources that shares more material than just the bandwagon ideas. The podcast Christ is the Cure, he has a 2 part series, I’ve been listening to. And he researched Christmas from the perspective he tried to counter why it would be ok to celebrate. He thinks it’s ok, but it wanted to do his best to prove himself wrong. He did a ton of research, so it’s been neat to hear what he discovered. The interview I shared was also really fascinating.


  1. I’m open to discussion, I don’t think birthdate is stated in the gospels, the actual date of when Jesus was born. I also understand that Dec 25 is a universally accepted date, to celebrate Christmas, honoring the birth of Christ, being we don’t know the actual date. I celebrate Christmas everyday ,because Christmas, is the birth of our savior, who was born and died ,so sinners may live. Christmas is about the greatest love of all. Here is a link I found, with other points; https://www.whychristmas.com/customs/25th.shtml

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    1. Birth date is not stated in the Gospels. There’s a lot of interesting things regarding the choosing of the 25th of Dec. even going to Jan. 6 – this is where we get the twelve days of Christmas or holy days – which gives us the term holiday.

      I’m not sure if my wording wasn’t clear, let me know if it wasn’t. I was sharing that it doesn’t matter what day it is. There’s nothing sinful to remember the birth of Christ on a particular day, and to really think about what that means, and just as you mentioned, focus on how all of this connects to receiving salvation from the Savior. 🙂

      But it is ok, too, if people choose not to put one day over others to celebrate.

      For more resources see:


      I really enjoyed this particular interview by Melissa Dougherty with Bill Federer.

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