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Taking A Quick Break

If you haven’t seen yet, I recently finished my second post on vision boards, and whether or not they should be used by Christians. This second post is much more in-depth than my first. I broke down the components of a vision board like affirmations, mantras, Law of Attraction, mindfulness, and much more. See: Vision… Continue reading Taking A Quick Break

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Vision Board Breakdown: Should Christians Ever Use One?

Criticism- If we aren’t putting something above God, then vision boards should be ok? Why are you against mood boards? If God doesn’t want me to have something, then I won’t get it. Doesn’t the Bible say we can manifest things? These are some of the thoughts I’ve received in the past two years, since… Continue reading Vision Board Breakdown: Should Christians Ever Use One?


New Post On Christians & Vision Boards, Coming Up Soon! | Quick Update

For a few weeks, I’ve been prepping to cover a second post on the topic of vision boards. This time diving into criticisms I’ve received, but only after looking at the main components of a vision board. My original post covered the topic briefly and then I focused on what it means for the Christian… Continue reading New Post On Christians & Vision Boards, Coming Up Soon! | Quick Update

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Behind False Confidence: Bondage of Makeup & Fashion

It’s been a few years since I touched up this post. Updated a little, and posted over on UnAshamed. 🙂

UnAshamed Christian Housewife

Let’s start this by saying wearing makeup isn’t an issue. Clothes are not the issue. It’s looking beneath the surface of these topics and everything we see on the outside. God looks at the heart, and today, I want us to really look at our heart, our entire self, the temple of where Jesus should be.

I wrote this about two years ago, and knew it was time to share on UnAshamed. I have updated the post just a little bit.

I can’t say the number of times I’ve heard women and teen girls talk about how makeup or clothes make them feel confident, and we have a major problem with this.

Looking Like Everyone Else…

One of the first times that I heard a discussion about clothes and confidence, as a teen, had to do with choir robes. I was 13 or 14 years old when, at a ladies’…

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The Danger of Misjudging God (Tom Ascol)

“What you think God is like is the most determinate factor for the kind of person you will be.” - Tom Ascol Psalm 50 - is the focus today. Why God cares for us to take the considerations of Him seriously? What we believe about God matters, it shapes us. Nations are affected. The way… Continue reading The Danger of Misjudging God (Tom Ascol)

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Identifying False Teachers (Mike Winger)

Is it good to call out false teachers? How do false teachers deceive? Who can be easily deceived by false teachers? Romans 16:17 is the focus of what Mike covers. He makes the point that this verse is something many false teachers do not like. This verse exposes their tactics. Mike thinks this verse also… Continue reading Identifying False Teachers (Mike Winger)

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Did I Commit The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit / Unpardonable Sin?

There is such an intense fear for the one who believes he or she has committed the unpardonable sin. I used to struggle with this fear myself. And I know many of my readers either want to learn more about the topic, they are afraid of a moment they denounced God/Jesus, or they are terrified… Continue reading Did I Commit The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit / Unpardonable Sin?

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What Is Law of Attraction | Bite – Sized

Law of Attraction. LOA, for short. What is it? What does the Bible say about it? Should Christians participate in LOA? Photo by Mikhail Nilov on What Is It? Law of Attraction is the belief that every single thing we do in life has a reaction, either good or bad. LOA can be as… Continue reading What Is Law of Attraction | Bite – Sized

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Against Our Own Sin (Steve Lawson)

"We are around all types of spiritual opposition.” - Steve Lawson “Our own heart is a battlefield.” - Steve Lawson As a sinner, we didn’t have an issue with our sin before. But when we enter the Kingdom of God, as a Christian, we are in a conflict. We are a new person in Christ,… Continue reading Against Our Own Sin (Steve Lawson)

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Interview With Former Roman Catholic Mike Gendron (Justin Peters)

Wow! This was an extremely thorough and helpful interview. If you want to learn more about Roman Catholicism, this interview by Justin Peters with Mike Gendron was so helpful! If you want to understand how teachings of Catholism are different from Christianity, check this out. I also recommend watching this interview for fans of the… Continue reading Interview With Former Roman Catholic Mike Gendron (Justin Peters)