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Why I Do Not Pick A “Word” For The Year

Thought it might be fun to begin the year over on UnAshamed with discussing my experiences with picking a word for the year and wby I no longer do.

UnAshamed Christian Housewife

It wasn’t until a few years ago I even heard that people had a “word” for the year. The basic idea is people take a particular word to meditate on or study throughout the year. I’ve seen Christians do this, so I thought it was ok, and attempted to do the same.

Erm… yeah, it did not really work out well.

Picking a word and studying the word isn’t wrong. Meditation, chewing on what scripture says, and studying are good habits Christians should have. But, do we really need 365 days to be focused on ONE word? How beneficial is it, really?

I can’t really speak from the perspective of others, but here is what I noticed. There were sections of the year I did not really do anything with the chosen word. But that isn’t as bad as the mysticism, which came from trying to apply a word to…

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