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Why I Do Not Have A “Life Verse”

Following last week on why I do not pick a word for the year. Today, I share why I do not have a life verse, a concept I was introduced to when I began blogging.

UnAshamed Christian Housewife

As I shared last week, I no longer pick a word for the year. In addition to halting this practice, I also do not have a life verse.

Similarly to when I found out it was even a thing to pick a word for the year, having a life verse was very new to me when I joined the blogging community.

I just didn’t get it.

And I tried. I already had a lot of scriptures I enjoyed, and it seemed really weird to pick one over the others. Honestly, I do not understand why people feel like they need a life verse. It seems odd to me, and I want to share why.

We need the whole message of the Bible to impact our life. When we decide to focus on pieces and snippets, trouble can happen. Now, again, like I said last week, it’s ok to study…

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