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How To Mediate On God’s Word (The Right Way) & Why It’s Important

Meditation is required of the Christian. Unfortunately, there are a lot of false teachings that encourage meditation in a sinful manner. If we do not understand meditation properly, then we can be misled. Last year, I did a series on Christian Mysticism. 1. Should We Use Our Emotions As Truth? | What Is Emotionalism?2. Contemplative Prayer/Spirituality… Continue reading How To Mediate On God’s Word (The Right Way) & Why It’s Important

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Why I Do Not Have A “Life Verse”

Following last week on why I do not pick a word for the year. Today, I share why I do not have a life verse, a concept I was introduced to when I began blogging.

UnAshamed Christian Housewife

As I shared last week, I no longer pick a word for the year. In addition to halting this practice, I also do not have a life verse.

Similarly to when I found out it was even a thing to pick a word for the year, having a life verse was very new to me when I joined the blogging community.

I just didn’t get it.

And I tried. I already had a lot of scriptures I enjoyed, and it seemed really weird to pick one over the others. Honestly, I do not understand why people feel like they need a life verse. It seems odd to me, and I want to share why.

We need the whole message of the Bible to impact our life. When we decide to focus on pieces and snippets, trouble can happen. Now, again, like I said last week, it’s ok to study…

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Sanctification: Believer’s Transformation Pt. 1 (John MacArthur)

Sanctification can be such a scary word, but it does not have to be. For the Christian, it is part of the daily walk with Christ. In today’s sermon pick, Pastor John focuses on Colossians 3. Salvation is a work in us from God, and it is our job to work out our salvation with… Continue reading Sanctification: Believer’s Transformation Pt. 1 (John MacArthur)

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Top Five New Age Teachings In The Church (Melissa Dougherty)

If you aren’t familiar how common New Age teachings are in the church, I recommend checking out this video. Melissa covers what she calls the Top 5 New Age Teachings, which are: The Law of AttractionOneness Religious Pluralism Universalism Mysticism If you do not know these terms, you need to get familiar. The reasoning why… Continue reading Top Five New Age Teachings In The Church (Melissa Dougherty)


Community Prayer – January ’22

Thought it was about time to get a new picture for the featured image. This marks our 4th year having community prayer. This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check-in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. If you would like a request to be ongoing, let me know. Ongoing requests… Continue reading Community Prayer – January ’22

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Let’s Pray & Encourage Fellow Blogger God’s Whispers of Truth & Her Family

I know many of you who follow me are familiar with sweet Vivian over on God’s Whispers of Truth. Vivian has shared her story of her husband dealing with brain cancer and how difficult it has been. More recently, Mark and his medical team decided to stop chemo because it has been making him so… Continue reading Let’s Pray & Encourage Fellow Blogger God’s Whispers of Truth & Her Family

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Introducing New Series | Bite-Sized

I write about a lot of topics that require an in-depth look. Especially regarding false teachings, I want to help people think critically about what the word of God says compared to what those masked as followers of Christ say compared to what the world says. What we often see are wolves in sheep’s clothing… Continue reading Introducing New Series | Bite-Sized

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Why I Do Not Pick A “Word” For The Year

Thought it might be fun to begin the year over on UnAshamed with discussing my experiences with picking a word for the year and wby I no longer do.

UnAshamed Christian Housewife

It wasn’t until a few years ago I even heard that people had a “word” for the year. The basic idea is people take a particular word to meditate on or study throughout the year. I’ve seen Christians do this, so I thought it was ok, and attempted to do the same.

Erm… yeah, it did not really work out well.

Picking a word and studying the word isn’t wrong. Meditation, chewing on what scripture says, and studying are good habits Christians should have. But, do we really need 365 days to be focused on ONE word? How beneficial is it, really?

I can’t really speak from the perspective of others, but here is what I noticed. There were sections of the year I did not really do anything with the chosen word. But that isn’t as bad as the mysticism, which came from trying to apply a word to…

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The Doctrine of Total Depravity (Voddie Baucham)

(Updated: January 12th, 2022) Total depravity is debated in the church. Whether you believe it or not, I think the points Voddie makes about sin, no one could argue with. This sermon is a great breakdown on why sin is so corrupted. Voddie focuses on Romans Ch. 3 If we don’t get the doctrine of… Continue reading The Doctrine of Total Depravity (Voddie Baucham)