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The Modern Church’s Sissifed Jesus (Voddie Baucham)

What are the problems in seeking Christ through our emotions? Is Christ an emotionally soft guy? How should we talk to sinners about Jesus? Today’s video pick is by Voddie Baucham. I pray you are convicted just as I was. We often want to cater to people’s emotions because of sin. In catering to others,… Continue reading The Modern Church’s Sissifed Jesus (Voddie Baucham)

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Charismatics Deceiving Millions (ReformedWiki2.0)

Today’s video pick will list a handful of false teachers to stay away from. As the video points out, not all charismatics are extreme. However, sadly, there is a lot of deception from those proclaiming to be charismatic and that’s the purpose of sharing today’s video pick. I know not everyone is found of posts… Continue reading Charismatics Deceiving Millions (ReformedWiki2.0)

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Cut Me From My Roots (Christian Poem)

I’m comfortable.I’m growing.My roots are deep. I’m sowing. I don’t like change.Leave me here. False sense of control.Tons of fear. Prune my leaves.But don’t prune meoff from my rootsand set me free. I’ll die without roots.Why would You take what is precious?My roots. My home. Don’t You know that I’m self-conscious?! My journey.My life.It’s about… Continue reading Cut Me From My Roots (Christian Poem)

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How To Deal With Anger (R.C. Sproul)

Why is pent up anger often wrong? What are the different types of anger? What does all anger have in common? Today, I have a video from R. C. Sproul covering anger, and I highly recommend checking this video out. Understanding anger does not have to be complicated, it’s actually pretty simple. I hope what… Continue reading How To Deal With Anger (R.C. Sproul)

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Purity in Conscience (Susan Heck)

Do we examine ourselves as Christians? What does it mean to have an impure conscience? What should we say to those who do have an impure conscience? Today, I would like to share a video by Susan Heck as she goes through Titus 1:14-16, as well as some other scriptures, to help answer these questions.… Continue reading Purity in Conscience (Susan Heck)

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One Reason Why American Christians Are Struggling So Badly

There are a lot of how-to books out there and cutesy devotionals for women. We are given drips of water to partake of, if that. We are a glutton in America, and yet starve for spiritual truth. Why? Recently, I’ve spoken to a handful of Christian women, and we’ve covered topics of what it means… Continue reading One Reason Why American Christians Are Struggling So Badly


Community Prayer – June ’22

This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check-in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. If you would like a request to be ongoing, let me know. Ongoing requests will stay up for at least 6 months. Thank you! Let’s work together on prayer by praying for each other and lifting… Continue reading Community Prayer – June ’22

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Is It New Age or Christian (Doreen Virtue)

How do you tell the difference between New Age and Christianity? There is deception lurking within the church walls, and it would be really helpful to know how to spot differences. If you are reading your Bible and understanding it correctly, you may not be confused about the differences between New Age and Christianity. However,… Continue reading Is It New Age or Christian (Doreen Virtue)

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A Broken Plant Made Me Weep (Realizing God’s Grace)

It was not the brokenness which made me weep, but the grace shown to me through something as simple as a plant. Raising plants from seeds isn’t easy. And then there’s a whole process of what to do once they start growing, and how to prepare soil. Good soil leads to healthy plants, good root… Continue reading A Broken Plant Made Me Weep (Realizing God’s Grace)