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Oops! I Thought I Posted 2 Posts Yesterday | Blog Chat

Hey all!

I apologize for the overbooking. I meant to post on ThursdayIn What Ways Is God Faithful | What Promises Does The Christian Have?.

And today (the first of July) I meant to post5 Scriptures To Meditate On This Month | Faith.

Oops, again.

So, today (as I write) is Friday. I thought, for some reason, it was Thursday. I thought I posted 2 posts on the same day, and I did not. I moved the post on Thursday to Friday. Then I was writing up an apology post when I realized I messed up the dates (again). So now both posts are on the same date 🤣.

This week has been a mess for me. 😅 I didn’t get much done because I was experiencing a lot of aches and pain, and now I’m messing up days of the week, haha! But I thought it might be a great time to update everyone on current plans for the blog.

Blog Update – Progress is slowly being made to get ahead.

Half of the posts for July are scheduled and ready. For everyone who has been able to look at and enjoy In What Ways Is God Faithful, I’m so grateful. In preparing a study on God’s faithfulness, there was A LOT of references I needed to look up so that you could be able to study them, if you wanted to. On July 14th, the post breaking down the word ”faithfulness,” in relation to God’s faithfulness, will be published, stay tuned.

I really hope the following posts will be enjoyable to you. I’m hoping I will be able to find some post series that can be shorter, for those who struggle with longer posts. But, in all honesty, the studies I tend to do NEED a good amount of length to breakdown the topic and provide multiple cross-references for your own study.

I’m considering taking some of my longer posts and making a summary post to (hopefully) put the main thoughts in a nutshell and potentially persuade the reader to check out the full post, if the reader would like to learn more.

Which is why the new post series – the 5 Scriptures to Meditate on the for the Month – is an older series refurbished. I thought that might be a way people can get some shorter material with the focus being on scripture.

Look forward to August’s 5 Scriptures to Mediate On because there is commentary. There has to be. August’s theme will be Jesus Is God.

People argue about Christ not being God, so it’s crucial that you, as a follower and proclaimer of Christ, know some scriptures discussing Christ’s identity.

Next week, I will be taking a break. Tomorrow, I will have a short reminder about the break.

Happy Fourth of July weekend to those of you in the states!!!

~ T. R. Noble


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