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Christian Apologetics | How to Answer (Apologia Studios)

Can you defend your faith?

Jeff Durbin has a video series covering Christian Apologetics, helping Christians defend their faith. I thought for today I would share the intro video, very short. If you’re interested, go check out the series.

To encourage you to check out the video, I’ve mostly summarized through asking questions. If you would like to hear the answers, check out the video.

  • John 14:06
  • What institutions came from the Christian worldview?
  • What has come from the Christian worldview?
  • What are the facts of the Christian worldview? (Hint: It’s not blind faith.)
  • How can we be reconciled to God?
  • What were Christians known for in the 1st century?
  • How does Apologetics relate to Christians refusing to put Caesar above God?
  • Can we prove that God exists?
  • Key Point: Jesus Christ is the truth. Apart from God, we can’t know anything.

Check Out: Christian Apologetics | How to Answer by Apologia Studios (about 10 mins)

If the link below does not work, please click the link above.

Scripture To Meditate On (ESV) Psalm 90:02 – Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

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